海南大东海旅游中心股份有限公司                           2021 年半年度报告摘要

Stock Code: 000613, 200613                                  Notice No.: 2021-061
Short Form of the Stock: *ST Dadonghai-A, *ST Dadonghai-B

       Hainan       Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

      Summary of Semi-Annual Report 2021

                         Disclosure Date: 21 August 2021

         海南大东海旅游中心股份有限公司                                                                      2021 年半年度报告摘要

         Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

                           Summary of Semi-Annual Report 2021

I. Important Notice

The summary is abstract from full-text of annual report, for more details of operating results, financial condition and future
development plan of the Company; investors should found in the full-text of annual report that published on media appointed by
All directors are attending the Board Meeting for Report deliberation.
Prompt of non-standard audit opinion
□ Applicable     √ Not applicable
Profit distribution pre-plan of common stock or capitalizing of common reserves pre-plan deliberated by the Board in the reporting
□ Applicable     √ Not applicable
The Company has no plans of cash dividend distributed, no bonus shares and has no share converted from capital reserve.
Profit distribution pre-plan of preferred stock deliberated and approved by the Board in the reporting period
□ Applicable     √ Not applicable

II. Basic information of the company

1. Company profile

                                          *ST Dadonghai-A ,
 Short form of the stock                                                 Stock code                      000613, 200613
                                          *ST Dadonghai-B
 Stock exchange for listing               Shenzhen Stock Exchange
           Person/Way to contact                    Secretary of the Board                           Rep. of security affairs
 Name                                     Wang Hongjuan
 Office add.                              Dadonghai Sanya
 Tel.                                     0898-88219921
 E-mail                                   hnddhhn@21cn.com

2. Main accounting data and financial indexes

Whether it has retroactive adjustment or re-statement on previous accounting data
□Yes √ No
                                                                                      Same period of      Increase/decrease in this report
                                                                  Current period
                                                                                         last year                      y-o-y

     海南大东海旅游中心股份有限公司                                                                               2021 年半年度报告摘要
 Operating revenue (RMB)                                               19,079,779.41          4,981,872.00                             282.98%
 Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company
                                                                        1,452,925.92         -6,631,450.42                             121.91%

 Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company
                                                                        1,216,570.88         -6,547,754.87                             118.58%
 after deducting non-recurring gains and losses (RMB)

 Net cash flow arising from operating activities (RMB)                 10,620,474.05         -4,789,190.92                             321.76%
 Basic earnings per share (RMB/Share)                                         0.0040               -0.0182                             121.98%
 Diluted earnings per share (RMB/Share)                                       0.0040               -0.0182                             121.98%
 Weighted average ROE                                                          2.15%               -8.71%                               10.86%
                                                                                                                   Increase/decrease in this
                                                                    End of current           End of last
                                                                                                                  report-end over that of last
                                                                           period              period

 Total assets (RMB)                                                    89,479,728.76         97,441,339.20                               -8.17%
 Net assets attributable to shareholder of listed company
                                                                       68,371,640.91         66,918,714.99                               2.17%

3. Amount of shareholders of the Company and particulars about shares holding

                                                                                                                                    In Share
 Total common stock
                                                       Total preference shareholders with voting rights
 shareholders in reporting                  34,657                                                                                             0
                                                       recovered at end of reporting period
                                                            Top ten shareholders

                                                              Proportio                                               Information of shares
                                                                                                 Amount of          pledged, tagged or frozen
                                          Nature of             n of          Amount of
    Full name of Shareholders                                                                 restricted shares
                                         shareholder           shares         shares held                           State of
                                                                                                    held                           Amount
                                                                held                                                  share

                                      Domestic non
 Luoniushan Co., Ltd.                 state-owned               17.55%        63,885,980                     0     Pledged         44,720,186
                                      Domestic nature
 Yang Meiqin                                                     4.47%        16,279,028                     0
                                      Domestic nature
 Pan Anjie                                                       4.01%        14,593,598                     0
                                      Domestic non
 Hainan Ya’an Residence Property
                                      state-owned                2.25%         8,205,800                     0
 Service Co., Ltd.
                                      Domestic nature
 Chen Jinlian                                                    2.23%         7,766,400                     0
                                      Domestic nature
 Hu Jing                                                         2.13%              77,403                   0
                                      Domestic nature
 Pan Aiping                                                      1.13%         4,110,738                     0
 Shenwan Hongyuan Securities          Foreign
                                                                 0.85%         3,108,390                     0
 (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.                corporate
                                      Domestic nature
 Zhang Fengxiu                                                   0.84%         3,041,372                     0
                                      Domestic nature
 Liu Xihua                                                       0.70%         2,551,500                     0

      海南大东海旅游中心股份有限公司                                                                      2021 年半年度报告摘要
                                                             Among the above shareholders, Hainan Ya’an Residence Property Service
                                                             Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Luoniushan Co., Ltd; Yang
 Explanation on associated relationship among the            Meiqin, Pan Anjie, Chen Jinlian and Pan Aiping are the persons acting in
                                                             concert; the Company is unknown whether there exists associated
 aforesaid shareholders
                                                             relationship or belongs to the consistent actor regulated by the
                                                             Management Measure of Information Disclosure on Change of
                                                             Shareholding for Listed Company among the other shareholders.
 Explanation on shareholders involving margin

4. Changes of controlling shareholders or actual controller

Changes of controlling shareholders in reporting period
□ Applicable √ Not applicable
Changes of controlling shareholders had no change in reporting period.
Changes of actual controller in reporting period
□ Applicable √ Not applicable
Changes of actual controller had no change in reporting period.

5. Total preferred shareholders and top 10 shares held by preferred shareholders

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company has no preferred shareholders

6. Bonds in existence as of the approval date of the semi-annual report

□ Applicable    √ Not applicable

III. Important events

During the reporting period, there were no major changes in the Company’s operation. Since last year, global tourism industry and
the travel service industry have been affected by the continued impact of COVID-19, the operation has been dismal. Main business of
the Company is hotel accommodation and catering services, the COVID-19 has a greater impact on the Company’s operation.

During the reporting period, situation of COVID-19 gradually improved, the Company adjusted their business thinking and
innovated the operation management. Strengthen the management of the hotel software and hardware and the internal & external
business environment, enhance the cooperation with major and small famous network sales platform with purpose of increasing the
domestic market shares and room occupancy rate. Establishing a business pattern with domestic market as the main market and
overseas market as the supplement. And making use of the software and hardware upgrades after the renovation and remodeling of
the previous year as well as the addition of more than 45 rooms to expand the sales scale and increase the revenue from main
business. The Company achieved an business revenue of 19.0798 million yuan in the reporting period, an increase of 282.98% over
the same period last year, net profit has 1.4529 million yuan, turning a loss into profit.

On April 27, 2021, due to the planning of issuing shares to purchase assets, the company's shares was suspended since the opening of

      海南大东海旅游中心股份有限公司                                                                 2021 年半年度报告摘要
the market and resumed trading on May 14, 2021. On May 13, 2021, the sixth interim meeting of the ninth board of directors of the
company deliberated and passed the proposals related to the transaction such as the Proposal on the Plan of Issuing Shares and
Paying Cash to Purchase Assets and Raise Supporting Funds and Related Transactions and Its Summary. In view of the impact of
recent market environment and industry regulatory policy adjustments, the company held the second interim meeting of the tent h
board of directors and the second interim meeting of the tenth board of supervisors on July 29 2021, which deliberated and passed the
Proposal on the Termination of the Material Asset Reorganization. After careful study, the board of directors and the board of
supervisors of the company decided to terminate the material asset reorganization. For details, please refer to the "Announcement on
the Termination of Material Asset Reorganization Matters" (Announcement No.: 2021-057) disclosed by the company at
http://www.cninfo.com.cn on July 30, 2021. Furthermore, deliberated and approved by the 2nd extraordinary shareholders general
meeting of 2021 held on 16 August 2021, found more in the “Resolution of 2nd extraordinary shareholders general meeting of 2021”
(Notice No.:2021-060) released dated 17 August 2021.

Currently, the Company has no information that should be disclosed but has not been disclosed.

                                                                 Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

                                                                            Legal representative: Yuan Xiaoping

                                                                                        19 August 2021