司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
Stock Code: 000613, 200613           Short Form of the Stock: *ST Dadonghai -A, *ST Dadonghai -B

        Hainan      Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings)                         Co., Ltd.

                      Semi-Annual Report 2021

                         Disclosure Date: August 21, 2021
     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年

           Section I. Important Notice, Contents and Interpretation

Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee, all directors, supervisors and senior executives of Hainan
Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) hereby confirm
that there are no any fictitious statements, misleading statements, or important omissions carried in this
report, and shall take all responsibilities, individual and/or joint, for the reality, accuracy and completion of
the whole contents.

Yuan Xiaoping, Principal of the Company, Fu Zongren, person in charge of accounting works and Fu
Zongren, person in charge of accounting organ (accounting principal) hereby confirm that the Financial
Report of Semi-annual of 2021 Report is authentic, accurate and complete

All directors are attending the Board Meeting for Report deliberation.

The Company has no plan of cash dividends carried out, bonus issued and capitalizing of common reserves

Concerning the forward-looking statements with future planning involved in the Report, they do not
constitute a substantial commitment for investors. The possible risks in the operation of the Company are
well-described in the report “X. Risks and countermeasures” of “Section III Management Discussion and
Analysis”, investors are advised to read the relevant content and exercise caution of investment risks.

Securities Times, Hong Kong Commercial Daily and Juchao Website (www.cninfo.com.cn) are the media for
information disclosure appointed by the Company for year of 2021, all information under the name of the
Company disclosed on the above said media shall prevail.

The report is prepared in bilingual versions of Chinese and English respectively, in the event of any
discrepancy in understanding the two aforementioned versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年


Semi-Annual Report 2021....................................................................................................................1

Section I Important Notice, Content and Interpretation....................................................................... 2

Section II Company Profile and Main Financial Indexes.................................................................... 6

Section III Management Discussion and Analysis............................................................................... 9

Section IV Corporate Governance......................................................................................................16

Section V Enviornmental and Social Responsibility..........................................................................18

Section VI Important Events.............................................................................................................. 19

Section VII Particular about Changes in shares and shareholders..................................................... 27

Section VIII Preferred Stock.............................................................................................................. 33

Section IX Corporate Bond................................................................................................................ 34

Section X Financial Report................................................................................................................ 35

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年

                             Documents Available for References
I. Financial statement with signature and seal of legal person, person in charge of accounting works and person in
charge of accounting organ (accountant in charge);

II. Original copies of all documents and announcements that publicly disclosed on websites appointed by the
CSRC during the reporting period.

III. Original copy of the Semi-Annual Report 2021 with signature of the legal person.

司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年

                   Items         Refers to                                 Contents
CSRC                             Refers to   China Securities Regulation Commission
SSE                              Refers to   Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Company Law                      Refers to   Company Law of The People’s Republic of China

Securities Law                   Refers to   Securities Law of The People’s Republic of China

Company, the Company             Refers to   Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

                                             Article of Association of Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre
Article of Association           Refers to
                                             (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

                                             Shareholders’ General Meeting of Hainan Dadonghai Tourism
Shareholders’ General Meeting   Refers to
                                             Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

                                             Board of Directors of Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre
Board of Directors (BOD)         Refers to
                                             (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

                                             Board of Supervisory of Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre
Board of Supervisory (BOS)       Refers to
                                             (Holdings) Co., Ltd.

The reporting period             Refers to   1 January 2021 to 30 June 2021

Yuan                             Refers to   CNY/RMB

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                2021   文全告报度年半年
                Section II Company Profile and Main Financial Indexes

I. Company profile

                                              *ST Dadonghai -A, *ST
 Short form of the stock                                                       Stock code            000613, 200613
                                              Dadonghai -B

 Short form of the Stock after changed        N/A

 Stock exchange for listing                   Shenzhen Stock Exchange

 Name of the Company (in Chinese)             司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海
 Short form of the Company (in Chinese)                               海东大
 Foreign name of the Company                  Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co.,Ltd

 Foreign name of short form of the

 Legal representative                         Yuan Xiaoping

II. Person/Way to contact

                                                      Secretary of the Board                    Rep. of security affairs

 Name                                       Wang Hongjuan

 Contact add.                               No.2 Yuhai Road., Dadonghai, Sanya

 Tel.                                       0898-88219921

 Fax.                                       0898-88214998

 E-mail                                     hnddhhn@21cn.com

III. Others

1. Way of contact

Whether registrations address, offices address and codes as well as website and email of the Company changed in reporting period or
□ Applicable    √ Not applicable
Registrations address, offices address and codes as well as website and email of the Company have no change in reporting period,
found more details in Annual Report 2020.

2. Information disclosure and preparation place

Whether information disclosure and preparation place changed in reporting period or not
□ Applicable    √ Not applicable

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                   2021   文全告报度年半年
The newspaper appointed for information disclosure, website for semi-annual report publish appointed by CSRC and preparation
place for semi-annual report have no change in reporting period, found more details in Annual Report 2020.

IV. Main accounting data and financial indexes

Whether it has retroactive adjustment or re-statement on previous accounting data
□ Yes √ No

                                                                                                             Changes in the current
                                                                                    Same period of       reporting period compared
                                                                 Current period
                                                                                       last year        with the same period of the
                                                                                                              previous year (+,-)

 Operating income (RMB)                                           19,079,779.41        4,981,872.00                             282.98%

 Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company
                                                                     1,452,925.92     -6,631,450.42                             121.91%

 Net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company
                                                                     1,216,570.88     -6,547,754.87                             118.58%
 after deducting non-recurring gains and losses (RMB)

 Net cash flow arising from operating activities(RMB)             10,620,474.05       -4,789,190.92                             321.76%

 Basic earnings per share (RMB/Share)                                     0.0040            -0.0182                             121.98%

 Diluted earnings per share (RMB/Share)                                   0.0040            -0.0182                             121.98%

 Weighted average ROE                                                      2.15%             -8.71%                             10.86%

                                                                                                         Changes at the end of the
                                                                 End of current                          reporting period compared
                                                                                    End of last year
                                                                      period                            with the end of the previous
                                                                                                                   year (+,-)

 Total assets (RMB)                                               89,479,728.76       97,441,339.20                              -8.17%

 Net assets attributable to shareholder of listed company
                                                                  68,371,640.91       66,918,714.99                              2.17%

V. Difference of the accounting data under accounting rules in and out of China

1. Difference of the net profit and net assets disclosed in financial report, under both IAS (International
Accounting Standards) and Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company had no difference of the net profit or net assets disclosed in financial report, under either IAS (International
Accounting Standards) or Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in the period.

2. Difference of the net profit and net assets disclosed in financial report, under both foreign accounting
rules and Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
The Company had no difference of the net profit or net assets disclosed in financial report, under either foreign accounting rules or
Chinese GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) in the period.

VI. Items and amounts of extraordinary profit (gains)/loss

√Applicable    □ Not applicable
                                                                                                                                   In RMB

                                     Item                                       Amount                          Note

 Gains/losses from the disposal of non-current asset (including the
                                                                                    400.00    Disposal proceeds from sale
 write-off that accrued for impairment of assets)

 Government subsidy calculated into current gains and losses(while
 closely related with the normal business of the Company, excluding
                                                                                233,438.24    Income related to VAT input tax credit
 the fixed-amount or fixed-proportion governmental subsidy according
 to the unified national standard)

 Other non-operating income and expenditure except for the
                                                                                  2,516.80    Other income
 aforementioned items

 Total                                                                          236,355.04                        --

Concerning the extraordinary profit (gain)/loss defined by Q&A Announcement No.1 on Information Disclosure for Companies
Offering Their Securities to the Public --- Extraordinary Profit/loss, and the items defined as recurring profit (gain)/loss according to
the lists of extraordinary profit (gain)/loss in Q&A Announcement No.1 on Information Disclosure for Companies Offering Their
Securities to the Public --- Extraordinary Profit/loss, explain reasons
□ Applicable    √ Not applicable
In reporting period, the Company has no particular about items defined as recurring profit (gain)/loss according to the lists of
extraordinary profit (gain)/loss in Q&A Announcement No.1 on Information Disclosure for Companies Offering Their Securities to
the Public --- Extraordinary Profit/loss

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年

                    Section III Management Discussion and Analysis

I. Main businesses of the company in the reporting period

The Company's main business is hotel accommodation and catering services. Procurement of goods is mainly the
goods and materials necessary for hotel and catering operations by taking the principle of low price and fine
quality, some goods are purchased by directly signing purchase contracts with suppliers, and some good are
purchased by procurement agents. The operation are mainly including the network billing and overseas travel
agency team, and supplemented by the individual travelers of non-internet marketing and business and the tourists
from travel agencies. The hotel is located at the central zone of Dadonghai scenic spot in Sanya City, Hainan
Province, and it has become a member of the nationwide famous hotels because of the convenient transportation,
beautiful environment, long history, and rich culture. However, in recent years, continued serious impact by the
COVID-19, as well as a large number of local high and low grade hotel or home-stay operation, the supply is far
greater than the market demand, competition between the industry is quite fierce, and business pressure

II. Core Competitiveness Analysis

The Company takes hotel accommodation and catering services as the principle works, locates at Dadonghai bay
which is one of the China “Top 40 scenery” and the only AAAA scenic spot open for free in Sanya and has the
maximum passenger flow volume in Sanya City, and is about a 5-minute drive from downtown of Sanya City and
about a 30-munite drive from Sanya Phoenix Airport. The hotel is only tens of meters distant from the sea level,
possesses beautiful landscaping full of blooming flowers all the year round, and enjoys exceptional geography,
natural environmental advantages. The hotel has opened for more than two decades which is one of the oldest
hotels in Sanya and has received many domestic and foreign heads of state and national leaders. In the recent
years, the Company has comprehensively upgraded and rebuilt the hotel’s software and hardware facilities, further
improved the hotels internal and external business environment, and effectively enhanced the business
competitiveness. Currently, the management of the company’s hotel is still in the front rank among hotels in the
same area, with the same scale, and at the same level.
In the future work, the Company will keep trying to improve the hotel’s internal and external business
environment, strengthen the sales efforts and the staff construction, and further improve the operational capability.
During the reporting period, the Company's core competence had no significant change.

III. Main business analysis

See the “I-Main businesses of the company in the reporting period”

Change of main financial data on a y-o-y basis

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
                                                                                                                                 In RMB

                                            Same period
                          Current period                        increase/dec                        Reasons for changes
                                            of last year

                                                                                Mainly due to the recovery of tourism after epidemic,
 Operating income         19,079,779.41     4,981,872.00           282.98%
                                                                                operating income increased correspondingly.

                                                                                The operating cost increase correspondingly due to the
 Operating cost           10,060,086.41     5,052,678.43            99.10%
                                                                                growth of operating income

 Sales expenses            2,720,548.17     2,095,194.24            29.85%      Salary cost increased

                           4,382,016.80     4,200,935.35              4.31%     Normal changes

                                                                                Mainly due to the interest expenses on bank loans in the
 Financial cost              375,414.84        -1,313.35        -28,684.52%     current period and there was no interest expenses in prior

                                                                                Mainly due to the significant increase in cash receipts from
 Net cash flow                                                                  operation and a larger net cash flow from operations.
 arising from             10,620,474.05    -4,789,190.92          -321.76%      However, in the prior period, the net cash from operation
 operating activities                                                           has a negative amount, which was the results of a large
                                                                                relative changes.

 Net cash flow
 arising from                                                                   Payments for construction in the current period were less
                           -3,333,376.67   -4,541,324.47            -26.60%
 investment                                                                     than those in the previous period

                                                                                Mainly due to the repayment of loans principal and interest
 Net cash flow
                                                                                of 6.97 million yuan in the current period and the
 arising from              -6,970,936.62   19,740,208.71          -135.31%
                                                                                acquisition of loans of 19.74 million yuan in the previous
 financing activities

 Net increase of                                                                Mainly due to the smaller increase of cash in the current
 cash and cash               316,160.76    10,409,693.32            -96.96%     period, and there was a larger increase of cash in the prior
 equivalent                                                                     period

Major changes on profit composition or profit resources in reporting period
□Applicable      √Not applicable
No changes on profit composition or profit resources in reporting period
Constitution of operating income

                                                                                                                                 In RMB

                                      Current period                              Same period last year
                                              Ratio in operating                              Ratio in operating
                              Amount                                           Amount                                   y-o-y (+,-)
                                                       income                                       income

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
 Total operating
                             19,079,779.41                  100%            4,981,872.00               100%                 282.98%

 According to industries

 Tourism catering
                             15,175,697.66                79.54%            4,089,491.05             82.09%                 271.09%

 Other business               3,904,081.75                20.46%             892,380.95              17.91%                 337.49%

 According to products

 Room revenue                12,893,253.55                67.58%            3,471,155.97             69.68%                 271.44%

 entertainment                2,282,444.11                 11.96%            618,335.08              12.41%                 269.13%

 Other income                 3,904,081.75                20.46%             892,380.95              17.91%                 337.49%

 According to region

 Hainan area                 19,079,779.41                100.00%           4,981,872.00            100.00%                 282.98%

Industries, products or regions that account for more than 10% of the Company’s operating income or operating profit
√Applicable   □ Not applicable
                                                                                                                                In RMB

                                                                               Increase/decrea   Increase/decrea
                         Operating                           Gross profit                                               se of gross
                                         Operating cost                        se of operating   se of operating
                           income                               ratio                                                   profit ratio
                                                                                income y-o-y       cost y-o-y

 According to industries

 Tourism catering
                        15,175,697.66     8,087,149.94              46.71%           271.09%            67.94%                64.46%

 Other business          3,904,081.75     1,972,936.47              49.46%           337.49%           731.54%               -23.95%

 According to products

 Room revenue           12,893,253.55     6,996,672.16              45.73%           271.44%            58.63%                72.80%

 entertainment           2,282,444.11     1,090,477.78              52.22%           269.13%           169.47%                17.67%

 Other income            3,904,081.75     1,972,936.47              49.46%           337.49%           731.54%               -23.95%

 According to region

 Hainan area            19,079,779.41    10,060,086.41              47.27%           282.98%            99.10%                48.69%

Under circumstances of adjustment in reporting period for statistic scope of main business data, adjusted main business based on
latest one year’s scope of period-end
□ Applicable √ Not applicable

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
Explanation on relevant data has above 30% y-o-y changes
√Applicable    □ Not applicable
By product category:
1. During the reporting period, room revenue has 271.44% increase compared with the previous period, mainly due to the fact that
since the reporting period, the COVID-19 has been under control basically, tourism industry has recovered well and the operation has
become increasingly normal. And the previous period was the period when the COVID-19 outbreak was more severely affected and
the operating income declined sharply, resulting in a high growth rate figure due to a smaller base compared to the current reporting
2. During the reporting period, income from catering entertainment has 269.13% growth from a year earlier, main reasons as above.
3. During the reporting period, other income has 337.49% growth from a year earlier, mainly due to the sales of a batch of white wine,
increasing income of approximately 2.46 million yuan.

IV. Analysis of the non-main business

□ Applicable   √Not applicable

V. Analysis of Assets and liability

1. Major changes of assets composition

                                                                                                                             In RMB

                             Current period-end                 End of previous year            Ratio
                                        Ratio in total                      Ratio in total    changes(       Notes of major changes
                         Amount                              Amount
                                           assets                               assets           +,-)

                                                                                                           Within a normal range of
 Monetary fund         3,240,620.51               3.62%     2,924,459.75            3.00%        0.62%

 Account                                                                                                   Increase in the recovery of
                          89,030.64               0.10%      429,303.32             0.44%       -0.34%
 receivable                                                                                                receivables

                                                                                                           Due to the sales of a batch
 Inventory               221,475.00               0.25%     2,009,928.83            2.06%       -1.81%
                                                                                                           of white wine

 Investment real                                                                                           Within a normal range of
                       7,198,171.53               8.04%     7,435,433.31            7.63%        0.41%
 estate                                                                                                    variation

                                                                                                           Within a normal range of
 Fix assets           32,957,434.73            36.83%      34,694,023.75           35.61%        1.22%

 Contract                                                                                                  Within a normal range of
                         875,822.38               0.98%      626,285.33             0.64%        0.34%
 liability                                                                                                 variation

 Long-term                                                                                                 Within a normal range of
                       9,893,757.94               11.06%    9,893,757.94           10.15%        0.91%
 borrowing                                                                                                 variation

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                 2021   文全告报度年半年
2. Main overseas assets

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

3.Assets and liability measured by fair value

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

4.Assets right restricted ended as reporting period


VI. Investment analysis

1. Overall situation

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

2. The major equity investment obtained in the reporting period

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

3. The major non-equity investment doing in the reporting period

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

4. Financial assets investment

(1) Securities investment

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The company had no securities investment in the reporting period.

(2) Derivative investment

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company has no derivatives investment in the Period

VII. Sales of major assets and equity

1. Sales of major assets

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company had no sales of major assets in the reporting period.

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                2021   文全告报度年半年

2. Sales of major equity

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

VIII. Analysis of main holding company and stock-jointly companies

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company had no information of main holding company and stock-jointly companies disclosed in the reporting period.

IX. Structured vehicle controlled by the Company

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

X. Risks and countermeasures

(1) Marco Policy risks
In order to normalize and optimize tourism market or further to promote clear-party construction, related
departments may further issue some relative policies. While these polices may cause restrain and effect on
regional tourism development. Main business income may be affected since we are engaged in tourism service.
Countermeasures: The Company will further to improve the hard and soft equipment and facilities of the hotel
while expanding the business scope, and win more market shares via high-class service and comfortable
environment so as to ensuring a certain standard of main business income.

(2) Natural disaster risks

In recent years, various natural disasters take place frequently, Hainan Island belongs to oceanic climate, where
has high incidence of disastrous weather in summer. If Sanya becomes the landing place of typhoon, it may cause
great damages to the facilities of the Company and may affect the normal operation of the Company.
Countermeasures: The Company will strengthen the construction and maintenance for infrastructure, continue to
buy property insurances, positively adopt effective prevention measures, and improve the ability of resisting
natural disasters.

(3) Risks of HR

Demand for talent in aspect of hotel sales and management are increasingly due to the constantly rise of hotel
industry, flow of hotel talented people comes more widespread and more frequent; we may face the risks of
development restrained from brain drain.

Countermeasure: we will continue to improve the talent introduction, training system, incentive mechanism,
remuneration and welfare as well as insurance mechanism, strive to attract talent, cultivate them and retain them.
Meanwhile, strengthen staff quality and skills as well as the management ability, further putting more efforts in

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
enterprise culture construction, enhance the cohesion in the Company, and guarantee a stable of the core managers
and skill technicians.

(4) Operational risks of main business
With the ceaseless development of global tourist industry constantly and ceaseless rising of high-class,
middle-class and low-class hotels, the continued diversion of tourist sources globally, as well as the continued
impact of force majeure uncertainties such as the COVID-19, a large number of local hotels and home stay and
B&Bs are operating, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more intensify. While the main
business of the Company is just a small-scale hotel, as the main business is single and the business scope is
limited, the tourist market conditions and tourist quantity directly make significant affects on the company

Countermeasure: made a scientific management and decision-making procedures, strengthen the awareness of risk
prevention, building and improving relevant mechanism and standardized the management in the Company.
Furthermore, increase the sales ability, on base of the former sales network, continues to exploit foreign high-end
tourism market under the superior geographical location and environment for improving the occupancy rate.
Besides, we continued to develop financing channels, actively promoting the restructuring, expanding operation
projects, enrich the industrial structure for increasing the profit increasing point.

(5) Delisting risk
The company's stock trading has been subject to delisting risk warnings from April 27, 2021. If one of the
circumstances stipulated in Article 14.3.11 of the Stock Listing Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange occurs in 2021,
the company's stock trading may be delisted after the disclosure of the company's annual report 2021.
Countermeasures: Strengthen sales and management of main business products, scientifically and reasonably
reduce operating costs, increase revenue, increase profits, and eliminate delisting risk warnings.

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年

                                       Section IV Corporate Governance

I. In the report period, the Company held annual general meeting and extraordinary
shareholders’ general meeting

1. Annual General Meeting in the report period

     Session of                      Ratio of investor                     Date of
                       Type                                 Date                                         Resolutions
      meeting                          participation                    disclosure

                                                                                     The”Resolution of Annual General Meeting of
                    Annual                                                           2020”   [Notice   No.:    2021-047]      released   on
 AGM of                                                  25 June       26 June
                    general                    20.03%                                Securities Times, Hong Kong Commercial Daily
 2020                                                    2021          2021
                    meeting                                                          and Juchao Website (www.cninfo.com.cn) dated 26
                                                                                     June 2021.

 The first
 extraordinar       Extraordin                                                       The”Resolution    of     the     first   extraordinary
 y                  ary                                                              shareholders general meeting of 2021” [Notice
                                                         5 July        6 July
 shareholders       shareholde                 19.87%                                No.: 2021-049] released on Securities Times, Hong
                                                         2021          2021
 general            rs general                                                       Kong Commercial Daily and Juchao Website
 meeting of         meeting                                                          (www.cninfo.com.cn) dated 6 July 2021.

2. Request for extraordinary general meeting by preferred stockholders whose voting rights restore

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable

II. Changes of directors, supervisors and senior executives

√Applicable      □Not applicable

        Name                      Position                            Type                    Date                        Cause

 Tang Guoping          Independent Director              Outgoing after term of office   6 July 2021         Term of office expires

                       Chairman of Board of
 Huang Wencai                                            Outgoing after term of office   6 July 2021         Term of office expires

 Chen Gang             Staff supervisor                  Outgoing after term of office   7 July 2021         Term of office expires

                       Director                          Outgoing after term of office   6 July 2021         Term of office expires

 Yang Xiangya          Director                          Be elected                      6 July 2021         Change of term of office

 Zhang                 Independent Director              Be elected                      6 July 2021         Change of term of office

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                    2021   文全告报度年半年

 Wang Gan           Supervisor                     Be elected                     6 July 2021          Change of term of office

 Wen Ping           Staff supervisor               Be elected                     7 July 2021          Change of term of office

III. Profit distribution plan and capitalizing of common reserves in the period

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

There are no cash dividend, bonus and capitalizing of common reserves carried out in the semi-annual

IV. Implementation of the stock incentive plans, employee stock ownership plans or other
employee incentives

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
There are no implementation of stock incentive plans, employee stock ownership plans or other employee incentives during the
reporting period.

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                  2021   文全告报度年半年

                   Section V Environmental and Social Responsibility

I. Important environmental issues

The listed Company and its subsidiary whether belong to the key sewage units released from environmental protection department:
□Yes √No
Administrative penalties imposed for environmental issues during the reporting period: N/A
Other environmental information disclosed with reference to key emission units: N/A Reasons for not disclosing other environmental
information: N/A

II. Social responsibility: N/A

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
                                          Section VI Important Events

I. Commitments fulfilled during the reporting period by actual controller, shareholder,
related party, buyers, the company and other parties related to the commitments and those
that have been overdue as of the end of the reporting period

√Applicable    □ Not applicable

                              Promi                                                                 Commit                   Implementatio
      Commitments                     com                 Content of commitments                                  ment
                                se                                                                  ment date                     n

                                               On May 30, 2007, Luoniushan Co., Ltd.
                                               made commitments in the Company’s
                                               "Instructions for reform of non-tradable
                                      Com      shares" (Revision) and "Instructions for
                                               reform of non-tradable shares" (Abstract of
                                      for      revision) that in view of Dadonghai                                           The original
                              Luoni            Company’s losses in successive years and
                                      Shar                                                                                   plans of
 Commitments for              ushan            on the verge of delisting, in order to reverse       27 June      6
                                      e                                                                                      material assets
 Share Merger Reform          Co.,             the   company's         business     difficulties,   2017         months
                                      Merg                                                                                   reorganization
                              Ltd.             improve profitability       and recover        the
                                      er                                                                                     was terminated
                                               continuous business capacity, Luoniushan
                                               Co., Ltd., the controlling shareholder of
                                      rm       Dadonghai Company made commitments to
                                               actively     seek    restructuring   parties    to
                                               reorganize     the    assets   of    Dadonghai
                                               Company at the appropriate time.
 Commitments in report
 of        acquisition or
 equity change

 Commitments in assets

 Commitments make in
 initial public offering or

 Equity           incentive
 Other commitments for
 medium and small
 Completed       on   time

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
                             The Company's stock commenced suspension of trading from the opening session on 15 February 2017
                             as it planned to fulfill its commitments. On 13 August 2017, proposals relating to the transaction as
                             Material Asset Acquisition and Connected Transaction Report (Plan) of Hainan Dadonghai Tourism
                             Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd. were denied at the 11th extraordinary general meeting of the 8th board of
                             directors of the Company. On 15 August 2017, the Company announced to terminate this restructuring
                             relating to material assets acquisition, and the stock of the Company commenced trading since 17 August

                             On December 4, 2017, the board of directors and the board of supervisors of the company reviewed and
                             approved the Proposal on the Change of Commitment Period of the First Majority Shareholder of the
                             Company. Luoniushan Co., Ltd., the company’s first majority shareholder planned for a two-year
                             extension for the time limit of the company’s restructuring commitment since December 27, 2017, that
                             is, the deadline for the implementation of the restructuring commitment was changed to December 26,
                             2019. On December 22, 2017, the company’s fourth extraordinary shareholders’ meeting in 2017 did not
                             approve the proposal.

                             On January 31, 2018, the company received the Notice on Planning for Suspension of Major Events sent
                             by Luoniushan Co., Ltd., the company’s largest shareholder, to plan and prepare the major issues related
 If the commitments is       to the company. Upon application by the company, stock of the Company was suspended since the
 not fulfilled on time,      opening on January 31, 2018. Upon application by the company, the company’s stock resumed trading on
 shall explain the specify   February 8, 2018, and was transferred to the major asset restructuring since the opening on February 14,
 reason and the next         2018.
 work plan
                             On June 25, 2018, the company held the third interim meeting of the ninth board of directors which
                             reviewed and approved the Proposal on Terminating the Planning for Major Asset Restructuring. After
                             careful study, the board of directors of the company decided to terminate the planning for this major asset

                             On April 27, 2021, due to the planning of issuing shares to purchase assets, the company's shares was
                             suspended since the opening of the market and resumed trading on May 14, 2021. On May 13, 2021, the
                             sixth interim meeting of the ninth board of directors of the company deliberated and passed the proposals
                             related to the transaction such as the Proposal on the Plan of Issuing Shares and Paying Cash to Purchase
                             Assets and Raise Supporting Funds and Related Transactions and Its Summary.

                             On July 29, 2021, the company held the second interim meeting of the tenth board of directors and the
                             second interim meeting of the tenth board of supervisors, which deliberated and passed the Proposal on
                             the Termination of the Material Asset Reorganization. After careful study, the board of directors of the
                             company decided to terminate the material asset reorganization.

                             At present, the company has no information that should be disclosed but not disclosed.

II. Non-operational fund occupation from controlling shareholders and its related party

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
No non-operational fund occupation from controlling shareholders and its related party in period.

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                      2021    文全告报度年半年
III. External guarantee out of the regulations

□ Applicable    √ Not applicable
No external guarantee out of the regulations occurred in the period.

IV. Engagement and non-reappointment of CPA

Whether the semi-annual report was audited or not
□Yes √ No
The semi-annual report of the Company had not audited.

V. Explanation from the Board and Supervisory Committee for “Qualified Opinion” from the

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

VI. Explanation on “Qualified Opinion” of previous year from the Board

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

VII. Bankruptcy reorganization

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
In reporting period, the Company has no bankruptcy reorganization occurred.

VIII. Lawsuits

Significant lawsuits and arbitration of the Company
√Applicable    □ Not applicable

                                     to Form                           Litigation      Execution of
  Basic Situation of      Amount                  Litigation                                             Date of
                                         an                        (Arbitration)        Litigation
      Litigation          Involved               (Arbitration)                                          Disclosur     Disclosure Index
                                     Estimate                      Trial Results       (Arbitration)
    (Arbitration)         (Yuan)                    Progress                                               e
                                         d                          and Impact          Judgment

 Hainan Dadonghai                                The court of     The      company                      4 June       Announcement on
                                                 first instance   has applied to                        2019, 13
 Tourism        Centre                                                                 The                           Significant
                                                 ruled against                                          June
 Group Co., Ltd.                                                  the court for        company has                   Litigation
                                                 the                                                    2020, 16
                                                                  enforcement,         applied for
 borrowed          2.76                          company’s                                             Septembe     (Announcement
                          731        N                                                 court
 million yuan and                                claim, and       but there is no                       r 2020       No.:    2019-017,
 4.55 million yuan                               the company      result        yet.                    and 22       No.:2020-021,
                                                                                       which is still
                                                 filed       an   Hainan                                October
 from           Hainan                                                                 pending.                      No.:     2020-025
                                                 appeal. The                                            2020, 22
 Dadonghai                                                        Dadonghai                                          and           No.:
                                                 court       of                                         October

       司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                                 2021   文全告报度年半年
 Tourism         Centre                                second          Tourism Centre                          2020               2020-027)
 (Holdings)         Co.,                               instance        Group           Co.,                                   published           on
                                                       ruled      to   Ltd.     has    not
 Ltd. on October                                                                                                                  Securities Times,
                                                       revoke the
 16,      1996       and                                               repaid the loan                                        Hong              Kong
                                                       judgment of
 December            26,                                               to               the                                       Commercial Daily
 1996 respectively.                                    instance,       company, and                                               and
 And the company                                       supporting      the company is                                             www.cninfo.com.
                                                       the             currently
 filed a lawsuit in                                                                                                               cn.
 court for the 7.31                                                    unable            to
                                                       claim. The
 million            yuan                                               determine        the
 outstanding.                                          has applied     impact of this
                                                       for     court   litigation       on
                                                       enforcement     the company's
                                                       , which is
                                                                       current           or
                                                                       future profits.
Other lawsuits
□Applicable        √Not applicable

IX. Penalty and rectification

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company has no penalty and rectification in the Period

X. Integrity of the company and its controlling shareholders and actual controllers

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

XI. Major related transaction

1. Related transaction with routine operation concerned

√Applicable □Not applicable

                                                                                                    over                 Availa
                           Type                                 Related       Propo       limit                                         Date
                                    Conte              Relat                                         the      Clearin        ble
                             of                                 transact       rtion
                                     nt of   Pricin      ed                              appro                g form                     of
                           relate                                  ion           in                 appro                simila                   Index of
Related     Relatio                 relate     g       trans                                                    for
                             d                                  amount        simila      ved                                           discl
 party       nship                     d     princi    actio                                         ved      related         r                  disclosure
                           trans                                 (in 10           r
                                    transa    ple        n                               (in 10              transacti                  osur
                           actio                                thousan       transa                limite               marke
                                     ction             price                                                    on
                             n                                  d Yuan)       ctions     thousa                                          e
                                                                                                    d or                 t price
Luonius                    Cons     Room     Marke     Mar                                                   Cash        Mark           24      The “Notice
            First                                                  0.43       0.03%           250   N
han                        umpt      and     t price   ket                                                   paymen      et             Apri    on Forecast

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                  2021   文全告报度年半年
Co.,       majorit        ion        meal               price                                    t           price   l     of the Daily
Ltd.       y                         expe                                                                            202   Related
                                     nses                                                                            1     Transaction
                                                                                                                           s” [Notice
                                                                                                                           20] released
                                                                                                                           Hong Kong
                                                                                                                           Daily and
           The                                                                                   Value
           wholly                                                                                card
Hainan     -owne                                                                                 consum
Luonius    d                                                                                     ption by
                          Cons       and                Mar                                                  Mark
han        subsidi                            Marke                       15.12                  cardhol
                          umpt       meal               ket     229.46              0   N                    et            --
Food       ary of                             t price                        %                   ders for
                          ion        expe               price                                                price
Group      Luoniu                                                                                transacti
Co.,       shan                                                                                  on and
Ltd.       Co.,                                                                                  settleme
           Ltd.                                                                                  nt
Total                                           --       --     229.89     --     250       --       --        --     --          --
Detail of sales return with major
amount involved
Report the actual implementation of
the daily related transactions which
were projected about their total              N/A
amount     by     types     during     the
reporting period
Reasons    for     major        differences
between trading price and market              N/A
reference price

2. Related transactions by assets acquisition and sold

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
There was no related transactions by assets acquisition and sold for the Company in reporting period

3. Related transactions of mutual investment outside

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
There was no main related transactions of mutual investment outside for the Company in reporting period

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
4. Contact of related credit and debt

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
There was no contact of related credit or debt for the Company in the reporting period

5. Contact with the related finance companies and finance companies that controlled by the Company

□ Applicable     √ Not applicable
There are no deposits, loans, credits or other financial business between the Company and the finance companies with related
relationships or between the finance companies controlled by the Company and related parties

6. Other material related party transactions

□ Applicable     √ Not applicable
The company had no other material related party transactions in reporting period.

XII. Significant contract and implementations

1. Trusteeship, contract and leasing

(1) Trusteeship

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
There was no trusteeship for the Company in reporting period

(2) Contract

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
There was no contract for the Company in reporting period

(3) Leasing

√Applicable    □ Not applicable
Note of leasing
                   Item                                 Tenant                       Lease life              Term of lease
Shopping mall –Building B in Hotel                   Li Fuming                       3 years         2019-11-01 to 2022-10-31
Ground floor of Hotel A                               Li Fuming                       3 years         2019-02-28 to 2022-02-27
Seaside stall and wood house           Sanya Leda Food Management Co., Ltd.           5 years         2018-01-01 to 2022-12-31
Multi-functional meeting room                         Li Fuming                       5 years         2019-11-01 to 2024-10-31

Projects that bring profit and losses to the Company to more than 10% of the total profit in the reporting period
√Applicable    □ Not applicable

 Name of        Name of      Leasing   Leasing      Lease        Lease     Leasing       Basis for    The          Whether   Associat

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
     lessor        the        assets    assets      start     terminati   income     determin    impact               be        ion
                 leasing               involved     date      on date      (in 10    ing the          of          related     relation
                  party                 in the                            thousand   leasing     leasing          transacti
                                       amount                              Yuan)     income      income               ons
                                        (in 10                                                   on the            (Y/N)
                                       thousand                                                 compan
                                        Yuan)                                                         y

 The                         stall
                Food                              1 Jan.      31 Dec.                           Increase
 Compan                      and           653                                  60   Contract                     N           N/A
                Managem                           2018        2022                               income
 y                           wood
                ent Co.,

2. Major Guarantee

□Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company had no guarantee in the reporting period.

3.Trust financing

□ Applicable √ Not applicable
The Company had no trust financing in the reporting period.

4.Significant contracts for daily operation

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

5. Other significant contracts

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
There was no other significant contracts for the Company in reporting period

XIII. Explanation on other significant events

√Applicable □ Not applicable
1. The Lawyer’s Letter received by the Company: by preliminary accounting from Sanya Power Bureau, the 10313373 Kwh
electricity was understated under the name of South China Hotel from July 2006 to April 2016. The Company is communicated and
negotiates with Sanya Power Bureau in the above mentioned event without negotiation results so far.
2.On April 27, 2021, due to the planning of issuing shares to purchase assets, the company's shares was suspended since the opening
of the market and resumed trading on May 14, 2021. On May 13, 2021, the sixth interim meeting of the ninth board of directors of
the company deliberated and passed the proposals related to the transaction such as the Proposal on the Plan of Issuing Shares and
Paying Cash to Purchase Assets and Raise Supporting Funds and Related Transactions and Its Summary. In view of the impact of

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                              2021        文全告报度年半年
recent market environment and industry regulatory policy adjustments, the company held the second interim meeting of the tenth
board of directors and the second interim meeting of the tenth board of supervisors on July 29, which deliberated and passed the
Proposal on the Termination of the Material Asset Reorganization. After careful study, the board of directors and the board of
supervisors of the company decided to terminate the material asset reorganization.     For details, please refer to the "Announcement
on the Termination of Material Asset Reorganization Matters" (Announcement No.: 2021-057) disclosed by the company at
http://www.cninfo.com.cn on July 30, 2021.
3. The company's stock trading has been subject to delisting risk warnings from April 27, 2021. If one of the circumstances stipulated
in Article 14.3.11 of the Stock Listing Rules of Shenzhen Stock Exchange occurs in 2021, the company's stock trading may be
delisted after the disclosure of the company's annual report 2021.

XIV. Significant event of subsidiary of the Company

□Applicable √ Not applicable

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                               2021   文全告报度年半年

     Section VII. Changes in Shares and Particulars about Shareholders

 I. Changes in Share Capital

 1. Changes in Share Capital

                                                                                                                      Unit: share

                               Before the Change            Increase/Decrease in the Change (+, -)             After the Change

                                                               u   Public
                                                               s   reserve
                                           Proporti                transfe                                                Proportio
                              Amount                    s                      Others        Subtotal        Amount
                                             on                s    r into                                                     n
                                                               h    share
                                                               a   capital

I. Restricted shares          10,223,400     2.81%                            -1,003,200    -1,003,200        9,220,200      2.53%

 1. State-owned shares

 2. State-owned legal
                               1,399,200     0.38%                                      0               0     1,399,200      0.38%
person’s shares

 3. Other domestic shares      8,824,200     2.42%                            -1,003,200    -1,003,200        7,821,000      2.15%

  Including: Domestic
                               8,824,200     2.42%                            -1,003,200    -1,003,200        7,821,000      2.15%
legal person’s shares

     Domestic natural
person’s shares

 4. Foreign shares

  Including: Foreign legal
person’s shares

     Foreign natural
person’s shares

II. Unrestricted shares      353,876,600    97.19%                            1,003,200      1,003,200      354,879,800     97.47%

 1. RMB ordinary shares      265,876,600    73.02%                            1,003,200      1,003,200      266,879,800     73.30%

 2. Domestically listed       88,000,000    24.17%                                      0               0    88,000,000     24.17%

         司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
foreign shares

 3. Overseas listed foreign

 4. Others

III. Total shares                 364,100,000        100.00%                                    0                0      364,100,000    100.00%

 Reasons for share changed
 √ Applicable      □ Not applicable
 In the follow-up work of the company's reform of non-tradable shares, the cancellation of restricted sales and
 some shareholders repaying the advance money for another in accordance with the relevant regulations and
 requirements caused changes in the share structure of the company's shares during the reporting period, but the
 total share capital remained unchanged.

 Approval of share changed
 □ Applicable      √ Not applicable
 Ownership transfer of share changed
 □ Applicable      √ Not applicable
 Progress of shares buy-back
 □ Applicable      √ Not applicable
 Implementation progress of reducing holdings of shares buy-back by centralized bidding
 □ Applicable      √ Not applicable
 Influence on the basic EPS and diluted EPS as well as other financial indexes of net assets per share attributable to common
 shareholders of Company in latest year and period
 □ Applicable      √ Not applicable
 Other information necessary to disclose or need to disclosed under requirement from security regulators
 □ Applicable      √ Not applicable

 2. Changes of lock-up stocks

 √ Applicable      □ Not applicable
                                                                                                                                  Unit: share

                                        Opening        Shares        shares        Ending
         Shareholders                    shares      released in    increased      shares                                Date for released
                                        restricted     Period           in        restricted

Shenyang Jin’an Industrial                                                                                          After remove restricted
                                          831,600               0             0     831,600    commitment in
Corporation                                                                                                          procedures complete
                                                                                               share reform

Sanya Wangli Building                      92,400               0             0       92,400   Legal                 After remove restricted

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                             2021   文全告报度年半年
Materials Sales                                                                    commitment in      procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Sanya Zhongxing                                                                                       After remove restricted
                                      2,541,000          0         0   2,541,000   commitment in
Development Co., Ltd.                                                                                 procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Sanya Real Estate Valuation                                                                           After remove restricted
                                       924,000           0         0    924,000    commitment in
Agent                                                                                                 procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Southern Industrial and                                                                               After remove restricted
                                       660,000           0         0    660,000    commitment in
Trading Corporation                                                                                   procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Hainan Branch of Bank of                                                                              After remove restricted
                                       924,000           0         0    924,000    commitment in
Communications Co., Ltd.                                                                              procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Guangzhou Company of                                                               Legal
                                                                                                      After remove restricted
Hainan International                   660,000           0         0    660,000    commitment in
                                                                                                      procedures complete
Investment Co., Ltd.                                                               share reform

Hainan Dadonghai Tourism                                                                              After remove restricted
                                       739,200           0         0    739,200    commitment in
Co.                                                                                                   procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Haikou Dongfang Urban credit                                                                          After remove restricted
                                       924,000           0         0    924,000    commitment in
Cooperative                                                                                           procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Guangzhou Dongzhan                                                                                    After remove restricted
                                       924,000           0         0    924,000    commitment in
Industrial Co. LTD                                                                                    procedures complete
                                                                                   share reform

Special account for disposition
of bankrupt enterprise                                                             Legal
property- Hong Kong-Macao              924,000     924,000         0          0    commitment in      January 7, 2021
International Hainan                                                               share reform
Investment Co., Ltd.

Yangpu Tongrong Investment                                                         Legal
Management Consulting Co.,              79,200      79,200         0          0    commitment in      January 7, 2021
Ltd.                                                                               share reform

Total                             10,223,400      1,003,200        0   9,220,200           --                    --

 II. Securities issuance and listing

 □ Applicable    √ Not applicable

            司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                        2021    文全告报度年半年
   III. Amount of shareholders of the Company and particulars about shares holding

                                                                                                                                         In Share

Total common stock shareholders in                                          Total preference shareholders with voting
                                                              34,657                                                                                 0
reporting period-end                                                        rights recovered at end of reporting period

                        Particulars about common shares held above 5% by shareholders or top ten common shareholders

                                                        Amount of                                                                 Information of
                                             Proport     common                         Amount of          Amount of              shares pledged,
  Full name of             Nature of          ion of   shares held                      restricted       common shares            tagged or frozen
                                                                       in report
  Shareholders            shareholder        shares     at the end                       common           held without       State
                                              held     of reporting                    shares held         restriction         of         Amount
                                                          period                                                             share

                       Domestic non
Luoniushan Co.,                                                                                                              Pledg
                       state-owned           17.55%     63,885,980     0                             0        63,885,980                 44,720,186
Ltd.                                                                                                                         ed
                       Domestic nature
Yang Meiqin                                   4.47%     16,279,028     0                             0        16,279,028
                       Domestic nature
Pan Anjie                                     4.01%     14,593,598     0                             0        14,593,598
Hainan Ya’an
                       Domestic non
                       state-owned            2.25%      8,205,800     0                             0         8,205,800
Property Service
Co., Ltd.
                       Domestic nature
Chen Jinlian                                  2.23%      7,766,400     0                             0         7,766,400
                       Domestic nature
Hu Jing                                       2.13%      7,740,300     7,740,300                     0         7,740,300
                       Domestic nature
Pan Aiping                                    1.13%      4,110,738     0                             0         4,110,738
Hongyuan               Foreign
                                              0.85%      3,108,390     170000                        0         3,108,390
Securities (Hong       corporate
Kong) Co., Ltd.
                       Domestic nature
Zhang Fengxiu                                 0.84%      3,041,372     0                             0         3,041,372
                       Domestic nature
Liu Xihua                                     0.70%      2,551,500     2,551,500                     0         2,551,500
Strategy investor or general legal
person becoming the top 10 common            N/A
shareholders by placing new shares

Explanation        on           associated   Among the above shareholders, Hainan Ya’an Residence Property Service Co., Ltd. is the
relationship    among     the    aforesaid   wholly-owned subsidiary of Luoniushan Co., Ltd; Yang Meiqin, Pan Anjie, Chen Jinlian and Pan

          司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
shareholders                                Aiping are the persons acting in concert; the Company is unknown whether there exists associated
                                            relationship or belongs to the consistent actor regulated by the Management Measure of
                                            Information Disclosure on Change of Shareholding for Listed Company among the other

Description of the above shareholders
in relation to delegate/entrusted
voting rights and abstention from
voting rights.

Special note on the repurchase
account among the top 10                    N/A

                                    Particular about top ten shareholders with un-lock up common stocks held

                                                             Amount of common shares held                        Type of shares
                 Shareholders’ name
                                                            without restriction at Period-end             Type                    Amount

Luoniushan Co., Ltd.                                                              63,885,980    RMB common share                  63,885,980

                                                                                                Domestically listed
Yang Meiqin                                                                       16,279,028                                      16,279,028
                                                                                                foreign share
                                                                                                Domestically listed
Pan Anjie                                                                         14,593,598                                      14,593,598
                                                                                                foreign share

Hainan Ya’an Residence Property Service Co., Ltd.                                 8,205,800    RMB common share                   8,205,800

                                                                                                Domestically listed
Chen Jinlian                                                                       7,766,400                                       7,766,400
                                                                                                foreign share

Hu Jing                                                                            7,740,300    RMB common share                   7,740,300

                                                                                                Domestically listed
Pan Aiping                                                                         4,110,738                                       4,110,738
                                                                                                foreign share
Shenwan Hongyuan Securities (Hong Kong) Co.,                                                    Domestically listed
                                                                                   3,108,390                                       3,108,390
Ltd.                                                                                            foreign share

Zhang Fengxiu                                                                      3,041,372    RMB common share                   3,041,372

Liu Xihua                                                                          2,551,500    RMB common share                   2,551,500

                                                            Among the above shareholders, Hainan Ya’an Residence Property Service Co.,
                                                            Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Luoniushan Co., Ltd. Yang Meiqin, Pan
Expiation on associated relationship or consistent
                                                            Anjie, Chen Jinlian and Pan Aiping are the persons acting in concert; the
actors within the top 10 un-lock up common
                                                            Company is unknown whether there exists associated relationship or belongs to
shareholders and between top 10 un-lock up common
                                                            the consistent actor regulated by the Management Measure of Information
shareholders and top 10 common shareholders
                                                            Disclosure on Change of Shareholding for Listed Company among the other

Explanation on top 10 common shareholders
involving margin business

   Whether top ten common stock shareholders or top ten common stock shareholders with un-lock up shares held have a buy-back
   agreement dealing in reporting period

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                  2021   文全告报度年半年
□ Yes √ No
The top ten common stock shareholders or top ten common stock shareholders with un-lock up shares held of the Company have no
buy-back agreement dealing in reporting period.

IV. Changes of shares held by directors, supervisors and senior executives

□ Applicable   √ Not applicable
Shares held by directors, supervisors and senior executives have no changes in reporting period, found more details in Annual Report

V. Changes in controlling shareholders or actual controllers

Change of controlling shareholder during the reporting period
□ Applicable    √ Not applicable
The Company had no change of controlling shareholder during the reporting period
Change of actual controller during the reporting period
□ Applicable    √ Not applicable
The Company had no change of actual controller during the reporting period

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                 2021   文全告报度年半年

                                     Section VIII. Preferred Stock

□ Applicable   √ Not applicable
The Company had no preferred stock in the Period.

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                              2021   文全告报度年半年

                                    Section IX. Corporate Bonds

□ Applicable   √ Not applicable

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年

                                           Section X. Financial Report

I. Audit report

Whether the semi annual report is audited
□ Yes √ No
The company's semi annual financial report has not been audited

II. Financial Statement

Statement in Financial Notes are carried In RMB/CNY

1. Consolidated Balance Sheet

                                                          June 30, 2021
                                                                                                                 In RMB

                                     Item                                 June 30, 2021         December 31, 2020

 Current assets:

      Monetary funds                                                           3,240,620.51                2,924,459.75

      Settlement provisions

      Capital lent

      Trading financial assets

      Derivative financial assets

      Note receivable

      Account receivable                                                          89,030.64                 429,303.32

      Receivable financing

      Accounts paid in advance

      Insurance receivable

      Reinsurance receivables

      Contract reserve of reinsurance receivable

      Other account receivable                                                  522,032.39                  432,560.55

         Including: Interest receivable

                     Dividend receivable

      Buying back the sale of financial assets

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                               2021   文全告报度年半年
     Inventories                                    221,475.00                 2,009,928.83

     Contractual assets

     Assets held for sale

     Non-current asset due within one year

     Other current assets                          3,446,991.54                3,977,452.24

Total current assets                               7,520,150.08                9,773,704.69

Non-current assets:

     Loans and payments on behalf

     Debt investment

     Other debt investment

     Long-term account receivable

     Long-term equity investment

     Investment in other equity instrument

     Other non-current financial assets

     Investment real estate                        7,198,171.53                7,435,433.31

     Fixed assets                                 32,957,434.73              34,694,023.75

     Construction in progress

     Productive biological asset

     Oil and gas asset

     Right-of-use assets

     Intangible assets                            20,174,281.14              20,580,474.72

     Expense on Research and Development


     Long-term expenses to be apportioned         21,629,691.28              24,957,702.73

     Deferred income tax asset

     Other non-current asset

Total non-current asset                           81,959,578.68              87,667,634.51

Total assets                                      89,479,728.76              97,441,339.20

Current liabilities:

     Short-term loans

     Loan from central bank

     Capital borrowed

     Trading financial liability

     Derivative financial liability

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
     Note payable

     Account payable                                     1,019,806.75                 808,710.46

     Accounts received in advance

     Contractual liability                                875,822.38                  626,285.33

     Selling financial asset of repurchase

     Absorbing deposit and interbank deposit

     Security trading of agency

     Security sales of agency

     Wage payable                                        2,458,042.98                2,595,861.40

     Taxes payable                                        364,489.65                  366,892.96

     Other account payable                               3,027,832.98                6,167,763.36

        Including: Interest payable

                    Dividend payable

     Commission charge and commission payable

     Reinsurance payable

     Liability held for sale

     Non-current liabilities due within one year            11,508.13                6,621,497.94

     Other current liabilities                             52,549.34                   37,577.12

Total current liabilities                                7,810,052.21              17,224,588.57

Non-current liabilities:

Insurance contract reserve

     Long-term loans                                     9,893,757.94                9,893,757.94

     Bonds payable

        Including: Preferred stock

                    Perpetual capital securities

     Lease liability

     Long-term account payable

     Long-term wages payable

     Accrual liability                                   1,489,685.04                1,489,685.04

     Deferred income

     Deferred income tax liabilities

     Other non-current liabilities                       1,914,592.66                1,914,592.66

Total non-current liabilities                           13,298,035.64              13,298,035.64

Total liabilities                                       21,108,087.85              30,522,624.21

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
 Owner’s equity:

      Share capital                                           364,100,000.00               364,100,000.00

      Other equity instrument

         Including: Preferred stock

                      Perpetual capital securities

      Capital public reserve                                   54,142,850.01                54,142,850.01

      Less: Inventory shares

      Other comprehensive income

      Reasonable reserve

      Surplus public reserve

      Provision of general risk

      Retained profit                                         -349,871,209.10             -351,324,135.02

 Total owner’ s equity attributable to parent company         68,371,640.91                66,918,714.99

      Minority interests

 Total owner’ s equity                                        68,371,640.91                66,918,714.99

 Total liabilities and owner’ s equity                        89,479,728.76                97,441,339.20

Legal Representative: Yuan Xiaoping
Accounting Principal: Fu Zongren
Accounting Firm’s Principal: Fu Zongren

2. Balance Sheet of Parent Company

                                                                                                   In RMB

                                          Item                  June 30, 2021          December 31, 2020

 Current assets:

      Monetary funds                                                 3,239,943.81            2,923,474.26

      Trading financial assets

      Derivative financial assets

      Note receivable

      Account receivable                                                89,030.64             429,303.32

      Receivable financing

      Accounts paid in advance

      Other account receivable                                         522,032.39             432,560.55

         Including: Interest receivable

                      Dividend receivable

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                               2021   文全告报度年半年
     Inventories                                          221,475.00           2,009,928.83

     Contractual assets

     Assets held for sale

     Non-current assets maturing within one year

     Other current assets                                3,446,991.54          3,977,452.24

Total current assets                                     7,519,473.38          9,772,719.20

Non-current assets:

     Debt investment

     Other debt investment

     Long-term receivables

     Long-term equity investments                        1,000,000.00          1,000,000.00

     Investment in other equity instrument

     Other non-current financial assets

     Investment real estate                              7,198,171.53          7,435,433.31

     Fixed assets                                       32,957,434.73        34,694,023.75

     Construction in progress

     Productive biological assets

     Oil and natural gas assets

     Right-of-use assets

     Intangible assets                                  20,174,281.14        20,580,474.72

     Research and development costs


     Long-term deferred expenses                        21,629,691.28        24,957,702.73

     Deferred income tax assets

     Other non-current assets

Total non-current assets                                82,959,578.68        88,667,634.51

Total assets                                            90,479,052.06        98,440,353.71

Current liabilities:

     Short-term borrowings

     Trading financial liability

     Derivative financial liability

     Notes payable

     Account payable                                     1,019,806.75           808,710.46

     Accounts received in advance

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                 2021   文全告报度年半年
     Contractual liability                                  875,822.38            626,285.33

     Wage payable                                          2,458,042.98          2,595,861.40

     Taxes payable                                          364,489.65            366,892.96

     Other accounts payable                                4,027,301.68          7,167,232.06

        Including: Interest payable

                     Dividend payable

     Liability held for sale

     Non-current liabilities due within one year              11,508.13          6,621,497.94

     Other current liabilities                                52,549.34             37,577.12

Total current liabilities                                  8,809,520.91         18,224,057.27

Non-current liabilities:

     Long-term loans                                       9,893,757.94          9,893,757.94

     Bonds payable

        Including: Preferred stock

                     Perpetual capital securities

     Lease liability

     Long-term account payable

     Long term employee compensation payable

     Accrued liabilities                                   1,489,685.04          1,489,685.04

     Deferred income

     Deferred income tax liabilities

     Other non-current liabilities                         1,914,592.66          1,914,592.66

Total non-current liabilities                             13,298,035.64         13,298,035.64

Total liabilities                                         22,107,556.55         31,522,092.91

Owners’ equity:

     Share capital                                       364,100,000.00        364,100,000.00

     Other equity instrument

        Including: Preferred stock

                    Perpetual capital securities

     Capital public reserve                               54,142,850.01         54,142,850.01

     Less: Inventory shares

     Other comprehensive income

     Special reserve

     Surplus reserve

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                               2021   文全告报度年半年
      Retained profit                                                              -349,871,354.50            -351,324,589.21

 Total owner’s equity                                                               68,371,495.51              66,918,260.80

 Total liabilities and owner’s equity                                               90,479,052.06              98,440,353.71

3. Consolidated Profit Statement

                                                                                                                       In RMB

                                                                                  Semi-annual of
                                         Item                                                             Semi-annual of 2020

 I. Total operating income                                                           19,079,779.41               4,981,872.00

      Including: Operating income                                                    19,079,779.41               4,981,872.00

              Interest income

              Insurance gained

              Commission charge and commission income

 II. Total operating cost                                                            17,863,208.53              11,529,626.87

      Including: Operating cost                                                      10,060,086.41               5,052,678.43

              Interest expense

              Commission charge and commission expense

              Cash surrender value

              Net amount of expense of compensation

              Net amount of withdrawal of insurance contract reserve

              Bonus expense of guarantee slip

              Reinsurance expense

              Tax and extras                                                            325,142.31                182,132.20

              Sales expense                                                           2,720,548.17               2,095,194.24

              Administrative expense                                                  4,382,016.80               4,200,935.35

              R&D expense

              Financial expense                                                         375,414.84                  -1,313.35

                Including: Interest expenses                                            360,946.81                  76,128.55

                             Interest income                                             17,993.99                  89,077.69

      Add: Other income                                                                 233,438.24                262,840.35

           Investment income (Loss is listed with “-”)

           Including: Investment income on affiliated company and joint venture

                The termination of income recognition for financial assets
 measured by amortized cost

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                           2021   文全告报度年半年
           Exchange income (Loss is listed with “-”)

           Net exposure hedging income (Loss is listed with “-”)

           Income from change of fair value (Loss is listed with “-”)

           Loss of credit impairment (Loss is listed with “-”)

           Losses of devaluation of asset (Loss is listed with “-”)

           Income from assets disposal (Loss is listed with “-”)

III. Operating profit (Loss is listed with “-”)                                   1,450,009.12          -6,284,914.52

     Add: Non-operating income                                                         3,739.40               2,593.62

     Less: Non-operating expense                                                         822.60             349,129.52

IV. Total profit (Loss is listed with “-”)                                        1,452,925.92          -6,631,450.42

     Less: Income tax expense

V. Net profit (Net loss is listed with “-”)                                       1,452,925.92          -6,631,450.42

  (i) Classify by business continuity

     1.continuous operating net profit (net loss listed with ‘-”)                 1,452,925.92          -6,631,450.42

     2.termination of net profit (net loss listed with ‘-”)

  (ii) Classify by ownership

     1.Net profit attributable to owner’s of parent company                        1,452,925.92          -6,631,450.42

     2.Minority shareholders’ gains and losses

VI. Net after-tax of other comprehensive income

  Net after-tax of other comprehensive income attributable to owners of parent

     (I) Other comprehensive income items which will not be reclassified
subsequently to profit of loss

               1.Changes of the defined benefit plans that re-measured

               2.Other comprehensive income under equity method that cannot be
transfer to gain/loss

               3.Change of fair value of investment in other equity instrument

               4.Fair value change of enterprise's credit risk

               5. Other

       (ii) Other comprehensive income items which will be reclassified
subsequently to profit or loss

               1.Other comprehensive income under equity method that can transfer
to gain/loss

               2.Change of fair value of other debt investment

               3.Amount of financial assets re-classify to other comprehensive

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                  2021   文全告报度年半年

             4.Credit impairment provision for other debt investment

             5.Cash flow hedging reserve

             6.Translation differences arising on translation of foreign currency
 financial statements


   Net after-tax of other comprehensive income attributable to minority

 VII. Total comprehensive income                                                           1,452,925.92           -6,631,450.42

      Total comprehensive income attributable to owners of parent Company                  1,452,925.92           -6,631,450.42

      Total comprehensive income attributable to minority shareholders

 VIII. Earnings per share:

      (i) Basic earnings per share                                                               0.0040                 -0.0182

      (ii) Diluted earnings per share                                                            0.0040                 -0.0182

As for the enterprise combined under the same control, net profit of 0 Yuan achieved by the merged party before combination while 0
Yuan achieved last period
Legal Representative: Yuan Xiaoping
Accounting Principal: Fu Zongren
Accounting Firm’s Principal: Fu Zongren

4. Profit Statement of Parent Company

                                                                                                                          In RMB

                                                                                         Semi-annual of        Semi-annual of
                                                                                              2021                 2020

 I. Operating income                                                                       19,079,779.41           4,981,872.00

      Less: Operating cost                                                                 10,060,086.41           5,052,678.43

           Taxes and surcharge                                                                325,142.31             182,132.20

           Sales expenses                                                                   2,720,548.17           2,095,194.24

           Administration expenses                                                          4,382,016.80           4,200,735.35

           R&D expenses

           Financial expenses                                                                 375,106.05              -1,458.93

                Including: Interest expenses                                                  360,946.81              76,128.55

                             Interest income                                                    17,992.78             89,063.27

      Add: Other income                                                                       233,438.24             262,840.35

           Investment income (Loss is listed with “-”)

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
            Including: Investment income on affiliated Company and joint venture

                 The termination of income recognition for financial assets measured
by amortized cost (Loss is listed with “-”)

            Net exposure hedging income (Loss is listed with “-”)

            Changing income of fair value (Loss is listed with “-”)

            Loss of credit impairment (Loss is listed with “-”)

            Losses of devaluation of asset (Loss is listed with “-”)

            Income on disposal of assets (Loss is listed with “-”)

II. Operating profit (Loss is listed with “-”)                                       1,450,317.91        -6,284,568.94

     Add: Non-operating income                                                            3,739.40             2,593.62

     Less: Non-operating expense                                                            822.60           349,129.52

III. Total Profit (Loss is listed with “-”)                                          1,453,234.71        -6,631,104.84

     Less: Income tax

IV. Net profit (Net loss is listed with “-”)                                         1,453,234.71        -6,631,104.84

     (i) continuous operating net profit (net loss listed with ‘-”)                  1,453,234.71        -6,631,104.84

     (ii) termination of net profit (net loss listed with ‘-”)

V. Net after-tax of other comprehensive income

     (i) Other comprehensive income items which will not be reclassified
subsequently to profit of loss

              1.Changes of the defined benefit plans that re-measured

              2.Other comprehensive income under equity method that cannot be
transfer to gain/loss

              3.Change of fair value of investment in other equity instrument

              4.Fair value change of enterprise's credit risk

              5. Other

     (ii) Other comprehensive income items which will be reclassified subsequently
to profit or loss

              1.Other comprehensive income under equity method that can transfer to

              2.Change of fair value of other debt investment

              3.Amount of financial assets re-classify to other comprehensive income

              4.Credit impairment provision for other debt investment

              5.Cash flow hedging reserve

              6.Translation differences arising on translation of foreign currency
financial statements

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                    2021   文全告报度年半年

 VI. Total comprehensive income                                                1,453,234.71         -6,631,104.84

 VII. Earnings per share:

      (i) Basic earnings per share                                                   0.0040               -0.0182

      (ii) Diluted earnings per share                                                0.0040               -0.0182

5. Consolidated Cash Flow Statement

                                                                                                            In RMB

                                                                            Semi-annual of       Semi-annual of
                                                                                2021                 2020

 I. Cash flows arising from operating activities:

      Cash received from selling commodities and providing labor services     21,790,626.36          5,200,787.10

      Net increase of customer deposit and interbank deposit

      Net increase of loan from central bank

      Net increase of capital borrowed from other financial institution

      Cash received from original insurance contract fee

      Net cash received from reinsurance business

      Net increase of insured savings and investment

      Cash received from interest, commission charge and commission

      Net increase of capital borrowed

      Net increase of returned business capital

      Net cash received by agents in sale and purchase of securities

      Write-back of tax received                                                    568.93             89,077.69

      Other cash received concerning operating activities                       580,370.32            501,830.36

 Subtotal of cash inflow arising from operating activities                    22,371,565.61          5,791,695.15

      Cash paid for purchasing commodities and receiving labor service         3,524,106.46          2,862,000.80

      Net increase of customer loans and advances

      Net increase of deposits in central bank and interbank

      Cash paid for original insurance contract compensation

      Net increase of capital lent

      Cash paid for interest, commission charge and commission

      Cash paid for bonus of guarantee slip

      Cash paid to/for staff and workers                                       5,824,917.18          5,523,279.64

      Taxes paid                                                                498,863.63            311,265.46

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                              2021   文全告报度年半年
     Other cash paid concerning operating activities                                    1,903,204.29          1,884,340.17

Subtotal of cash outflow arising from operating activities                             11,751,091.56        10,580,886.07

Net cash flows arising from operating activities                                       10,620,474.05         -4,789,190.92

II. Cash flows arising from investing activities:

     Cash received from recovering investment

     Cash received from investment income

     Net cash received from disposal of fixed, intangible and other long-term assets         400.00                300.00

     Net cash received from disposal of subsidiaries and other units

     Other cash received concerning investing activities

Subtotal of cash inflow from investing activities                                            400.00                300.00

     Cash paid for purchasing fixed, intangible and other long-term assets              3,333,776.67          4,541,624.47

     Cash paid for investment

     Net increase of mortgaged loans

     Net cash received from subsidiaries and other units obtained

     Other cash paid concerning investing activities

Subtotal of cash outflow from investing activities                                      3,333,776.67          4,541,624.47

Net cash flows arising from investing activities                                       -3,333,376.67         -4,541,324.47

III. Cash flows arising from financing activities:

     Cash received from absorbing investment

     Including: Cash received from absorbing minority shareholders’ investment by

     Cash received from loans                                                                               19,791,474.22

     Other cash received concerning financing activities

Subtotal of cash inflow from financing activities                                                           19,791,474.22

     Cash paid for settling debts                                                       6,598,477.52

     Cash paid for dividend and profit distributing or interest paying                   372,459.10             51,265.51

     Including: Dividend and profit of minority shareholder paid by subsidiaries

     Other cash paid concerning financing activities

Subtotal of cash outflow from financing activities                                      6,970,936.62            51,265.51

Net cash flows arising from financing activities                                       -6,970,936.62        19,740,208.71

IV. Influence on cash and cash equivalents due to fluctuation in exchange rate

V. Net increase of cash and cash equivalents                                             316,160.76         10,409,693.32

     Add: Balance of cash and cash equivalents at the period -begin                     2,924,459.75          7,422,939.89

VI. Balance of cash and cash equivalents at the period -end                             3,240,620.51        17,832,633.21

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                  2021   文全告报度年半年
6. Cash Flow Statement of Parent Company

                                                                                                                          In RMB

                                                                                        Semi-annual of         Semi-annual of
                                                                                            2021                   2020

 I. Cash flows arising from operating activities:

      Cash received from selling commodities and providing labor services                 21,790,626.36            5,200,787.10

      Write-back of tax received                                                                   568.93            89,063.27

      Other cash received concerning operating activities                                    580,369.11             501,815.94

 Subtotal of cash inflow arising from operating activities                                22,371,564.40            5,791,666.31

      Cash paid for purchasing commodities and receiving labor service                     3,524,106.46            2,862,000.80

      Cash paid to/for staff and workers                                                   5,824,917.18            5,523,279.64

      Taxes paid                                                                             498,863.63             311,217.66

      Other cash paid concerning operating activities                                      1,902,894.29            1,883,965.75

 Subtotal of cash outflow arising from operating activities                               11,750,781.56          10,580,463.85

 Net cash flows arising from operating activities                                         10,620,782.84           -4,788,797.54

 II. Cash flows arising from investing activities:

      Cash received from recovering investment

      Cash received from investment income

      Net cash received from disposal of fixed, intangible and other long-term assets              400.00                 300.00

      Net cash received from disposal of subsidiaries and other units

      Other cash received concerning investing activities

 Subtotal of cash inflow from investing activities                                                 400.00                 300.00

      Cash paid for purchasing fixed, intangible and other long-term assets                3,333,776.67            4,541,624.47

      Cash paid for investment

      Net cash received from subsidiaries and other units obtained

      Other cash paid concerning investing activities

 Subtotal of cash outflow from investing activities                                        3,333,776.67            4,541,624.47

 Net cash flows arising from investing activities                                         -3,333,376.67           -4,541,324.47

 III. Cash flows arising from financing activities:

      Cash received from absorbing investment

      Cash received from loans                                                                                   19,791,474.22

      Other cash received concerning financing activities

 Subtotal of cash inflow from financing activities                                                               19,791,474.22

      Cash paid for settling debts                                                         6,598,477.52

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
        Cash paid for dividend and profit distributing or interest paying                              372,459.10                   51,265.51

        Other cash paid concerning financing activities

 Subtotal of cash outflow from financing activities                                                   6,970,936.62                  51,265.51

 Net cash flows arising from financing activities                                                    -6,970,936.62            19,740,208.71

 IV. Influence on cash and cash equivalents due to fluctuation in exchange rate

 V. Net increase of cash and cash equivalents                                                          316,469.55             10,410,086.70

        Add: Balance of cash and cash equivalents at the period -begin                                2,923,474.26              7,421,452.59

 VI. Balance of cash and cash equivalents at the period -end                                          3,239,943.81            17,831,539.29

7. Statement of Changes in Owners’ Equity (Consolidated)

Current Amount
                                                                                                                                       In RMB

                                                                            Semi-annual of 2021

                                                  Owners’ equity attributable to the parent Company
                                          Other                             O           P
                                          equity                            t           r
                                          instru                            h           o
                                             ment                           e           v                                              M
                                                                       s        R
                                              P                             r           i                                              i
                                                                       s        e
                                              e                                     S s                                                n
                                                                       :        a
                                              r                             c       u i                                                o
                                         P p                                o       r   o                                              r
                                                                       I        o
                                         r    e                             m       p n                                                i
                                                                       n        n
                                         e t                                p       l                                                  t
                                                                       v        a                             O
                                         f    u                             r       u o                                                y
 Item                                                                  e        b                             t
                                         e a                                e       s f                                                    Total owners’
                                                          Capital      n        l                             h
                       Share capital     r    l     O                       h               Retained profit              Subtotal      i        equity
                                                          reserve      t        e                             e
                                         r          t                       e       r   g                                              n
                                                                       o                                      r
                                         e c h                              n       e e                                                t
                                                                       r        r
                                         d a e                              s       s n                                                e
                                                                       y        e
                                              p r                           i       e e                                                r
                                         s i                                v       r   r                                              e
                                                                       s        e
                                         t    t                             e       v a                                                s
                                                                       h        r
                                         o a                                        e l                                                t
                                                                       a        v
                                         c l                                i                                                          s
                                                                       r        e
                                         k                                  n           r
                                              s                             c           i
                                              e                             o           s
                                              c                             m           k

                 司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                              2021   文全告报度年半年
                                              u                        e

I. The ending balance
                            364,100,000.00        54,142,850.01            -351,324,135.02     66,918,714.99      66,918,714.99
of the previous year

Add: Changes of
accounting policy

Error correction of the
last period

Enterprise combine
under the same control


II. The beginning
balance of the current      364,100,000.00        54,142,850.01            -351,324,135.02     66,918,714.99      66,918,714.99

III. Increase/ Decrease
in the period (Decrease                                                    1,452,925.92        1,452,925.92       1,452,925.92
is listed with “-”)

(i) Total comprehensive
                                                                           1,452,925.92        1,452,925.92       1,452,925.92

(ii) Owners’ devoted
and decreased capital

1.Common shares
invested by

2. Capital invested by
holders of other equity

3. Amount reckoned
into owners equity with
share-based payment

4. Other

(iii) Profit distribution

1. Withdrawal of
surplus reserves

                  司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
2. Withdrawal of
general risk provisions

3. Distribution for
owners (or

4. Other

(iv) Carrying forward
internal owners’ equity

1. Capital reserves
conversed to capital
(share capital)

2. Surplus reserves
conversed to capital
(share capital)

3. Remedying loss with
surplus reserve

4. Carry-over retained
earnings from the
defined benefit plans

5. Carry-over retained
earnings from other
comprehensive income

6. Other

(v) Reasonable reserve

1. Withdrawal in the
report period

2. Usage in the report

(vi) Others

IV. Balance at the end
                            364,100,000.00           54,142,850.01                     -349,871,209.10     68,371,640.91         68,371,640.91
of the period

           Amount of the previous period
                                                                                                                           In RMB

                                                                           Semi-annual of 2020

            Item                                                                                                                   Total owners’
                                                   Owners’ equity attributable to the parent Company                        n

司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                    2021   文全告报度年半年

                                                                O           P
                                                                t           r
                                 P                          L
                                                                h           o
                                 e                          e
                                                                e           v
                                 r                          s       R
                                                                r           i
                                 p                          s       e
                                                                c       S s
                                 e                          :       a
                                                                o       u i
                                 t                                  s
                            P                                   m       r   o
                                 u                          I       o
                            r                                   p       p n
                                 a                          n       n
                            e                                   r       l
                                 l                          v       a                             O
                            f                                   e       u o
                                                            e       b                             t
                            e                                   h       s f
                                 c                          n       l                             h
            Share capital   r          O Capital reserve        e               Retained profit           Subtotal
                                 a                          t       e                             e
                            r          t                        n       r   g
                                 p                          o                                     r
                            e          h                        s       e e
                                 i                          r       r
                            d          e                        i       s n
                                 t                          y       e
                                       r                        v       e e
                                 a                                  s
                            s                                   e       r   r
                                 l                          s       e
                            t                                           v a
                                                            h       r
                            o                                   i       e l
                                 s                          a       v
                            c                                   n
                                 e                          r       e
                            k                                   c           r
                                 c                          e
                                                                o           i
                                 u                          s
                                                                m           s
                                                                e           k

                 司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                          2021   文全告报度年半年

I. The ending balance of                                                                                       78,486,603.9
                             364,100,000.00       54,142,850.01        -339,756,246.05      78,486,603.96
the previous year                                                                                              6

Add: Changes of
accounting policy

Error correction of the
last period

Enterprise combine
under the same control


II. The beginning
balance of the current       364,100,000.00       54,142,850.01        -339,756,246.05      78,486,603.96

III. Increase/ Decrease in
the period (Decrease is                                                -6,631,450.42        -6,631,450.42      -6,631,450.42
listed with “-”)

(i) Total comprehensive
                                                                       -6,631,450.42        -6,631,450.42      -6,631,450.42

(ii) Owners’ devoted and
decreased capital

1.Common shares
invested by shareholders

2. Capital invested by
holders of other equity

3. Amount reckoned into
owners equity with
share-based payment

4. Other

(iii) Profit distribution

1. Withdrawal of surplus

2. Withdrawal of general
risk provisions

3. Distribution for
owners (or shareholders)

4. Other

                  司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
(iv) Carrying forward
internal owners’ equity

1. Capital reserves
conversed to capital
(share capital)

2. Surplus reserves
conversed to capital
(share capital)

3. Remedying loss with
surplus reserve

4. Carry-over retained
earnings from the
defined benefit plans

5. Carry-over retained
earnings from other
comprehensive income

6. Other

(v) Reasonable reserve

1. Withdrawal in the
report period

2. Usage in the report

(vi) Others

IV. Balance at the end of                                                                                                           71,855,153.5
                                364,100,000.00         54,142,850.01                      -346,387,696.47      71,855,153.54
the period                                                                                                                          4

           8. Statement of Changes in Owners’ Equity (Parent Company)

           Current Amount
                                                                                                                               In RMB

                                                                                     Semi-annual of 2021
                                                                   Other                      L O   R   S
                                                                   equity                       t   e   u
                                                                                                h   a   r
                                                                   instru                     s
                                                                                                e   s   p                      O
                                                                   ment                       s r
                         Item                                                   Capital             o   l                      t
                                                                                                                                 Total owners’
                                                   Share capital   P   P                      :     n   u   Retained profit    h
                                                                            O   reserve                                             equity
                                                                   r   e                        c   a   s                      e
                                                                   e   r                        o   b                          r
                                                                            h                 I
                                                                   f   p                        m   l   r
                                                                            e                 n
                                                                   e   e                        p   e   e
                                                                   r   t                      v r       s

                     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
                                                                      r u                      e e   r   e
                                                                      e a                      n h   e   r
                                                                      d l                        e   s   v
                                                                                                 n   e   e
                                                                      s   c                      s   r
                                                                      t   a                    r i   v
                                                                      o   p                    y v   e
                                                                      c   i                      e
                                                                      k   t
                                                                          a                      i
                                                                          l                      n
                                                                                               a c
                                                                          s                    r o
                                                                          e                    e m
                                                                          c                      e
I. The ending balance of the previous year           364,100,000.00            54,142,850.01                 -351,324,589.21     66,918,260.80

  Add: Changes of accounting policy

     Error correction of the last period


II. The beginning balance of the current year        364,100,000.00            54,142,850.01                 -351,324,589.21     66,918,260.80

III. Increase/ Decrease in the period (Decrease is
                                                                                                             1,453,234.71        1,453,234.71
listed with “-”)

(i) Total comprehensive income                                                                               1,453,234.71        1,453,234.71

(ii) Owners’ devoted and decreased capital

1.Common shares invested by shareholders

2. Capital invested by holders of other equity

3. Amount reckoned into owners equity with
share-based payment

4. Other

(iii) Profit distribution

1. Withdrawal of surplus reserves

2. Distribution for owners (or shareholders)

3. Other

(iv) Carrying forward internal owners’ equity

                 司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
1. Capital reserves conversed to capital (share

2. Surplus reserves conversed to capital (share

3. Remedying loss with surplus reserve

4. Carry-over retained earnings from the defined
benefit plans

5. Carry-over retained earnings from other
comprehensive income

6. Other

(v) Reasonable reserve

1. Withdrawal in the report period

2. Usage in the report period

(vi) Others

IV. Balance at the end of the period               364,100,000.00            54,142,850.01                 -349,871,354.50      68,371,495.51

           Amount of the previous period
                                                                                                                              In RMB

                                                                                     Semi-annual of 2020
                                                                    Other                    L O
                                                                    equity                   e t
                                                                    instru                   s h
                                                                    ment                       e
                                                                                               r R
                                                                      P                      :
                                                                      e                        c a
                                                                      r                      I o s
                                                                    P p                      n m o   p
                                                                    r e                        p n
                                                                                             v       l
                                                                    e t                        r a
                                                                                             e       u                       O
                                                                    f u                        e b
                        Item                                                                         s                       t
                                                                    e a         Capital      n h l                             Total owners’
                                                    Share capital                                          Retained profit   h
                                                                    r l O       reserve      t e e                                equity
                                                                                                     r                       e
                                                                    r   t                    o n     e                       r
                                                                    e c h                      s r
                                                                                             r       s
                                                                    d a e                      i e
                                                                                             y       e
                                                                      p r                      v s
                                                                    s i                        e e
                                                                    t t                      s   r
                                                                    o a                      h i v
                                                                    c l                        n e
                                                                    k                          c
                                                                      s                      r
                                                                      e                      e m
                                                                      c                      s e

                 司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
I. The ending balance of the previous year           364,100,000.00        54,142,850.01   -339,757,154.25     78,485,695.76

  Add: Changes of accounting policy

     Error correction of the last period


II. The beginning balance of the current year        364,100,000.00        54,142,850.01   -339,757,154.25     78,485,695.76

III. Increase/ Decrease in the period (Decrease is
                                                                                           -6,631,104.84       -6,631,104.84
listed with “-”)

(i) Total comprehensive income                                                             -6,631,104.84       -6,631,104.84

(ii) Owners’ devoted and decreased capital

1.Common shares invested by shareholders

2. Capital invested by holders of other equity

3. Amount reckoned into owners equity with
share-based payment

4. Other

(iii) Profit distribution

1. Withdrawal of surplus reserves

2. Distribution for owners (or shareholders)

3. Other

(iv) Carrying forward internal owners’ equity

1. Capital reserves conversed to capital (share

2. Surplus reserves conversed to capital (share

3. Remedying loss with surplus reserve

4. Carry-over retained earnings from the defined
benefit plans

5. Carry-over retained earnings from other
comprehensive income

6. Other

(v) Reasonable reserve

              司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
1. Withdrawal in the report period

2. Usage in the report period

(vi) Others

IV. Balance at the end of the period         364,100,000.00                54,142,850.01            -346,388,259.09     71,854,590.92

        III. Company profile

        Hainan Dadonghai Tourism Centre (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is a
        standardized company limited by shares established on April 26, 1993 and restructured from Hainan Sanya
        Dadonghai Tourism Centre Development Co., Ltd. with the approval of Hainan Shareholding System Pilot Group
        office via its Document Qiong Gu Ban Zi [1993] No.11. On May 6, 1996, the Company was reorganized and
        separated with the reply of Hainan Securities Management Office by its Document Qiong Zheng Ban [1996]
        No.58. On October 8, 1996 and January 28, 1997, the Company was approved to respectively issue 80 million B
        shares and 14 million A shares on Shenzhen Stock Exchange and list for sales. On June 20, 2007, the Company
        carried out the split share structure reform. The non-tradable shareholders of the Company paid shares to the
        tradable shareholders for obtaining the circulation rights, and the tradable shareholders got 3 shares for every 10
        shares. The Company belongs to tourism and catering service industry.

        As at 30 June 2021, the Company's accumulative total issued capital was 364.1 million shares and the Company's
        registered capital was RMB 364.1 million. Legal representative: Yuan Xiaoping. Unified social credit code:
        91460000201357188U. Domicile: Dadonghai, Hedong District, Sanya. Business scope: Accommodation and
        catering industry (limited to branches); photography; flower bonsai, knitwear, general merchandise, hardware and
        electrical equipment, chemical products (except franchised operations), daily necessities, industrial means of
        production (except franchised operations), metal materials, machinery equipment; sales of train, bus and vehicle
        tickets on an agent basis, etc. The Company's largest shareholder is Luoniushan Co., Ltd.

        The financial statements were approved by all directors of the Company for disclosure on 19 August 2021.

        Scope to the consolidated financial statements
        As of 30 June 2021, the subsidiary included into the Company's scope of consolidated financial statements is as


        Hainan Wengao Tourism Resources Development Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Wengao Tourism)

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
IV. Basis for the preparation of the financial statements

1.Preparation basis

The Company prepared financial statements in accordance with the Accounting Standards for Business
Enterprises — Basic Standards and the specific accounting standards, the Accounting Standards for Business
Enterprises - Application Guidance, the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises - Interpretation and other
relevant provisions, issued by the Ministry of Finance, (hereinafter referred to collectively as the "Accounting
Standards for Business Enterprises"), as well as the disclosure provisions of the Rules for the Compilation and
Submission of Information Disclosure by Companies Offering Securities to the Public No.15 - General
Requirements for Financial Reports.

2.Going concern
Due to the influence of COVID-19, the Company suffered a serious decline in annual operating revenue in 2020
and suffered a large amount of losses. However, the current business situation has gradually recovered to normal,
and it is expected that the Company's business activities will continue in the next 12 months.

V. Significant accounting policies and accounting estimates

Specific accounting policies and estimates:

1. Statement on compliance with the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises

The financial statements prepared by the Company meet requirements of the Accounting Standards for Business
Enterprises, and truly and completely reflect the consolidated and the Company’s financial position as of 30 June,
2021 as well as operation results and cash flows for the half year of 2021.

2. Accounting period
The accounting year is from January 1 to December 31 in calendar year.

3. Operating cycle
The Company's operating cycle is 12 months.

4.Functional currency
RMB is adopted as the functional currency.

5.Accounting treatment methods for business combinations under and not under common control

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                           2021   文全告报度年半年
Business combination under common control: The assets and liabilities (including the goodwill arising from the
acquisition of the combinee by the ultimate controller) acquired by the Company in business combinations are
measured at book values of assets and liabilities of the combinee in the consolidated financial statements of the
ultimate controller on the combination date. The stock premium in the capital reserves is adjusted according to the
difference between the book value of the net assets acquired in business combination and the book value of the
consideration paid for the combination (or total par value of shares issued). If there is no sufficient stock premium
in the capital reserves for write-downs, the retained earnings shall be adjusted.

Business combination under different control: the cost of merger is the fair value of the assets, liabilities incurred
or assumed and equity securities issued by the purchaser in order to obtain the control of the purchaser on the
purchase date. The difference between the cost of the merger and the share of the fair value of the identifiable net
assets acquired by the purchaser in the merger shall be recognized as goodwill; The difference between the merger
cost and the share of the fair value of the identifiable net assets acquired by the purchaser in the merger shall be
recorded into the profit and loss of the current period. The identifiable assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities
obtained by the purchaser in the merger meeting the recognition conditions shall be measured at fair value on the
purchase date.

The expenses directly related to the enterprise merger shall be recorded into the current profit and loss when
incurred. The transaction cost of issuing equity securities or debt securities for the purpose of business merger
shall be included in the initial recognized amount of equity securities or debt securities.

6. Preparation methods of consolidated financial statements
6.1 Scope of consolidation
The scope of consolidated financial statements of the Company is determined on the basis of control, and the
scope of consolidated financial statements shall be including the Company and all its subsidiaries.

6.2 Procedures of consolidation
The Company regards the whole enterprise group as an accounting subject and prepares consolidated financial
statements in accordance with the unified accounting policy, reflecting the overall financial situation, operating
results and cash flow of the enterprise group.The Company and subsidiaries, subsidiaries between the impact of
internal transactions to offset. If the internal transaction indicates that the relevant assets have impairment losses,
the full recognition of this part of the loss.If the accounting policy adopted by the subsidiary company and the
accounting period are inconsistent with the company, the necessary adjustments shall be made in accordance with
the Company's accounting policy and accounting period when preparing the consolidated financial statements.

The owner's equity of the subsidiary, the current net profit and loss and the share of the minority shareholders in
the current comprehensive income are listed separately under the owner's equity item in the consolidated balance

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
sheet, the net profit item in the consolidated profit table and the total comprehensive income item in the
consolidated profit table. The current loss shared by the minority shareholders of the subsidiary exceeds the
balance formed by the minority shareholders' share in the initial owner's equity of the subsidiary, thus reducing the
equity of several shareholders.
1)     Increase of subsidiaries or business
During the reporting period, the operating results and cash flows of the subsidiary or business from consolidation
period to the end of the reporting period shall be included in the consolidated financial statements as a result of the
merger of the subsidiary or business under the same control.
Where the investor under the same control can be controlled for reasons such as additional investment, the equity
investment held prior to the acquisition of control by the merged party has been recognized as relevant gains and
losses, other consolidated income and other net assets changes between the date of acquisition of the original
equity and the date of the merger and the date of the merger.
During the reporting period, the consolidated financial statements shall be incorporated into the consolidated
financial statements on the basis of the fair value of identifiable assets, liabilities and contingent liabilities as
determined on the date of purchase, as a result of the consolidation of subsidiaries or businesses under the same

If, for reasons such as additional investment, the investor under the same control can be controlled, the equity of
the buyer held before the date of purchase shall be remeasured according to the fair value of the equity on the date
of purchase. The difference between fair value and book value is included in current investment income. Other
comprehensive income and other changes in owner's equity under equity method accounting which can be
re-classified into profit and loss after the share of the buyer held before the purchase date are converted into the
current investment income of the purchase date.

2)     Disposal of subsidiaries
     General method of treatment
When the control right of the investor is lost due to the disposal of part of the equity investment or other reasons,
the remaining equity investment after disposal shall be remeasured according to its fair value on the date of loss of
control. The sum of the consideration obtained by the disposal equity and the fair value of the remaining equity,
less the difference between the share of the net assets and the sum of goodwill that should be continuously
calculated by the original subsidiary from the date of purchase or the date of merger, and the investment income in
the current period of loss of control. Other comprehensive income related to the equity investment of the original
subsidiary company and other owner's equity changes under the accounting of equity method, which can be
reclassified into profit and loss, are converted into current investment income when losing control right.
②   Disposal of subsidiaries by stages

If the control is lost due to disposal of the equities in subsidiaries through multiple transactions by stages, and the
terms, conditions and economic impact of the transactions related to the enterprise's disposal of its investment in

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
the subsidiaries meet one or more of the following circumstances, it usually indicates that multiple transactions
should be included in a package transaction:
i.    These transactions are concluded at the same time or under the consideration of mutual effect;
ii.   These transactions as a whole can reach a complete business result;
iii. The occurrence of a transaction depends on the occurrence of at least one other transaction;
iv.   A single transaction is uneconomical but is economical when considered together with other transactions.

If each transaction is a package transaction, the transaction shall be treated as a transaction dealing with the
subsidiary and losing control. Before the loss of control, the difference between the disposal price and the share of
the net assets of the subsidiary corresponding to the disposal investment shall be recognized as other consolidated
income in the consolidated financial statements and transferred to the gains and losses of the current period of loss
of control when the control is lost.
If each transaction is not a package transaction, prior to the loss of control, the equity investment of the subsidiary
shall be partially disposed of without loss of control; in the event of loss of control, Accounting treatment shall be
carried out according to the general treatment method of the disposal subsidiary.

3)    Purchase of minority interest of subsidiaries
Adjust the equity premium in the capital reserve in the consolidated balance sheet, if the equity premium in the
capital reserve is insufficient to reduce the equity premium in the capital reserve, adjust the retained earnings.

4)    Partial disposal of equity investments in subsidiaries without losing control
The difference between the disposal price and the disposal of long-term equity investment shall enjoy the share of
net assets continuously calculated by the subsidiary from the date of purchase or merger, and adjust the equity
premium in the capital reserve in the consolidated balance sheet. If the equity premium in the capital reserve is
insufficient, the retained earnings shall be adjusted.

7.Classification of joint venture arrangements and accounting treatment for joint ventures
The joint venture arrangement is divided into joint operation and joint venture.
Joint operation refers to the joint venture arrangement in which the joint venture party enjoys the assets related to
the arrangement and bears the liabilities related to the arrangement.
The Company confirms the following items relating to the share of interests in joint operations:
(1) To recognize the assets held separately by the Company and the assets held jointly in accordance with its
(2) Liabilities undertaken by the Company solely and liabilities jointly undertaken by the Company based on
shares held;
(3) Revenue from the sales of output share enjoyed by the Company in the joint operation;

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
(4) Revenue from the sales of the joint operation output based on the shares held by the Company; and
(5) Separate costs, and costs for the joint operation based on the shares held by the Company.
The company's investment in the joint venture using equity method accounting, see this note "III.(13) Long-term
equity investment".

8.Recognition criteria of cash and cash equivalents
In preparing the statement of cash flows, cash on hand and deposits that can be used for payment at any time are
recognized as cash. An investment that has four conditions: short duration (due within three months from the date
of purchase), strong liquidity, easy conversion to known cash and low risk of change in value is identified as a
cash equivalent.

9. Foreign currency business and statement translation
Foreign currency business uses the spot exchange rate on the date of transaction as the conversion rate to convert
the foreign currency amount into RMB.
The balance of foreign currency monetary items on the balance sheet date is converted at the spot exchange rate
on the balance sheet date, and the resulting exchange difference, Except for foreign currency special loans related
to the purchase and construction of assets that meet the capitalization conditions, the exchange difference is
recorded into the current profit and loss.

10. Financial instruments

When the Company becomes a party to a financial instrument contract, it recognizes a financial asset, financial
liability or equity instrument.
10.1Classification of financial instruments
According to the business model of the Company's management of financial assets and the characteristics of the
contract cash flow of financial assets, financial assets are classified at the time of initial recognition as: financial
assets measured at amortized cost, financial assets measured at fair value and recorded in other comprehensive
income and financial assets measured at fair value and recorded in the profits and losses of the current period.

The Company will meet the following conditions and not designated as fair value measurement and its changes
into the current profit and loss of financial assets, classified as amortized cost measurement of financial assets:
- The business model is aimed at collecting contract cash flows;
- Contract cash flows are payments only for principal and interest based on outstanding principal amounts.
The Company will also meet the following conditions and is not designated as fair value measurement and its
changes into the current profit and loss of financial assets, classified as fair value measurement and its changes
into other comprehensive income financial assets (debt instruments):
- The business model targets both the collection of contract cash flows and the sale of the financial asset;

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
- Contract cash flows are payments only for principal and interest based on outstanding principal amounts.

For non-transactional equity investment, the Company may irrevocably designate it at the time of initial
recognition as a financial asset measured at fair value and recorded in other comprehensive income (equity
instrument). The designation is made on the basis of a single investment, and the relevant investment conforms to
the definition of equity instruments from the issuer's point of view.

In addition to the above financial assets measured at amortized cost and at fair value and recorded in other
comprehensive income, The Company classifies all remaining financial assets as financial assets measured at fair
value and recorded in the profits and losses of the current period.At the time of initial recognition, if accounting
mismatches can be eliminated or significantly reduced, The Company may irrevocably designate financial assets
that should be classified as amortized cost or measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other
comprehensive income as financial assets measured at fair value and recorded in the profits and losses of the
current period.

Financial liabilities are classified at the time of initial recognition as: financial liabilities measured at fair value
and recorded in current profits and losses and financial liabilities measured at amortized cost.

Financial liabilities that meet one of the following conditions may be designated at the time of initial measurement
as financial liabilities measured at fair value and whose changes are recorded into the profits and losses of the
current period:
1) this designation can eliminate or significantly reduce accounting mismatches.
2) manage and evaluate the financial liability portfolio or financial assets and financial liabilities portfolio on the
basis of fair value according to the enterprise risk management or investment strategy specified in the official
written document, And report to key managers on this basis within the enterprise.
3) the financial liability contains embedded derivatives that need to be split separately.

10.2Recognition basis and measurement method of financial instruments
(1) Financial assets measured at amortized costs
Financial assets measured at amortized cost include notes receivable, accounts receivable, other receivables,
long-term receivables, creditor's rights investment, etc., are initially measured at fair value, and the related
transaction costs are included in the initial recognition amount; Accounts receivable that do not contain significant
financing components and accounts receivable that the Company has decided not to consider financing
components for more than one year are initially measured at the contract transaction price.
Interest calculated by the real interest rate method during the holding period is recorded into the current profit and
Upon recovery or disposal, the difference between the obtained price and the book value of the financial asset is

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
recorded into the current profit or loss.

(2) Financial assets (debt instruments) measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other
comprehensive income

Financial assets (debt instruments) measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other comprehensive
income, including receivables financing, other debt investments, etc., shall be measured at fair value, and the
relevant transaction costs shall be included in the initial recognized amount. The financial asset is subsequently
measured at fair value, and changes in fair value are included in other comprehensive gains and losses except
interest, impairment losses or gains and gains and exchange gains calculated using the real interest rate method.

Upon termination of recognition, the accumulated gains or losses previously recorded in other comprehensive
income shall be transferred from other comprehensive income and recorded in the current profits and losses.

(3) Financial assets (equity instruments) measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other
consolidated income

Financial assets (equity instruments) measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other
comprehensive income, including investments in other equity instruments, shall be initially measured at fair value,
and relevant transaction costs shall be included in the initial recognized amount. The financial assets are measured
according to the fair value, and whose changes of the fair value are included in other comprehensive income. The
dividends obtained are recorded in the current profits and losses.

Upon termination of recognition, accumulated gains or losses previously recorded in other comprehensive
earnings are transferred from other comprehensive earnings and recorded in retained earnings.

(4) Financial assets measured at fair value and whose changes are included in the current profits and losses
Financial assets measured at fair value and whose changes are included in the current profits and losses, including
trading financial assets, derivative financial assets, other non-current financial assets, etc., shall be measured at
fair value, and the relevant transaction expenses shall be included in the current profits and losses. The financial
assets are measured at fair value, and changes in fair value are included in the current profit and loss.

(5) Financial liabilities measured at fair value and whose changes are included in the current profit and loss
Financial liabilities measured at fair value and whose changes are included in the current profits and losses
include transactional financial liabilities and derivative financial liabilities, which are initially measured at fair
value, and the relevant transaction expenses are included in the current profit and loss. The financial liability is
measured at fair value, and changes in fair value are included in the current profit and loss.

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                           2021   文全告报度年半年
Upon termination of recognition, the difference between the book value and the consideration price is recorded in
the current profits and losses.

(6) Financial liabilities measured at amortization costs
Financial liabilities measured at amortization costs include short-term borrowings, notes payable, accounts
payable, other payable, long-term borrowings, bonds payable, long-term payable, and shall be initially measured
at fair value, and related transaction costs are included in the initial recognized amount.

The interest calculated using the actual interest rate method during the holding period is included in the current
profits and losses.

Upon termination of recognition, the difference between the consideration price and the book value of the
financial liability shall be recorded in the current profits and losses.

10.3Financial asset termination recognition and financial asset transfer
Upon meeting one of the following conditions, the Company terminates the recognition of financial assets:
- Termination of contractual rights to collect cash flows from financial assets;
- Financial assets have been transferred and almost all risks and rewards of ownership of financial assets have
been transferred to the transferring party;
- Financial assets have been transferred and although the Company has neither transferred nor retained almost all
risks and rewards in the ownership of financial assets, it has not retained control over financial assets.

In the event of a transfer of financial assets, if almost all risks and rewards in the ownership of financial assets are
retained, the recognition of the financial assets shall not be terminated.

In judging whether the transfer of financial assets meets the above conditions for the termination of financial
assets, the principle of substance over form is adopted.
The company distinguishes the transfer of financial assets into the overall transfer of financial assets and partial
transfer. If the transfer of financial assets as a whole meets the conditions for termination of recognition, the
difference between the following two amounts shall be recorded into the profits and losses of the current period:
(1) The carrying value of the financial assets transferred;
(2) The sum of the consideration received as a result of the transfer and the cumulative amount of the change in
fair value that was originally directly included in the owner's equity (where the financial assets involved in the
transfer are financial assets (debt instruments) measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other
consolidated income.

If the partial transfer of financial assets meets the conditions for termination of recognition, the book value of the

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
transferred financial assets as a whole shall be apportioned according to their relative fair value between the
termination of recognition and the non-termination of recognition, The difference between the following two
amounts shall be recorded into the profits and losses of the current period:
(1) To terminate the carrying value of the recognized portion;
(2) The consideration of the termination of the recognition portion corresponds to the sum of the amount of the
termination of the recognition portion (where the transferred financial assets are financial assets (debt instruments)
measured at fair value and whose changes are included in other consolidated income) in the cumulative amount of
the change in fair value originally directly included in the owner's equity.
If the transfer of financial assets does not meet the conditions for termination of recognition, the financial asset
shall continue to be recognized, and the consideration received shall be recognized as a financial liability.

10.4De-recognition of financial liabilities
Where the present obligations of financial liabilities have been discharged in whole or in part, the financial
liability is derecognized or any part thereof shall be derecognized; if the Company signs an agreement with
creditors to replace the existing financial liabilities by undertaking new financial liabilities, and the new financial
liabilities are substantially different from the existing ones in terms of contract terms, the existing financial
liabilities shall be derecognized, and at the same time, the new financial liability shall be recognized.

Where substantive changes are made to the contract terms of existing financial liability in whole or in part, the
existing financial liabilities or part thereof will be derecognized, and the financial liability the terms of which have
been modified will be recognized as a new financial liability.

Where financial liabilities are derecognized in whole or in part, the difference between the book value of the
financial liabilities derecognized and the consideration paid (including non-cash assets transferred out or new
financial liabilities borne) shall be included in the current profit or loss.

Where the Company redeems part of its financial liabilities, it shall, on the redemption date, allocate the entire
book value of whole financial liabilities according to the comparative fair value of the part that continues to be
recognized and the de-recognized part. The difference between the book value allocated to the derecognized part
and the considerations paid (including non-cash assets surrendered and the new financial liabilities assumed) shall
be included in the current profit or loss.

10.5Determination method of the fair value of financial assets and financial liabilities
The fair value of a financial instrument, for which there is an active market, is the prices quoted for it therein. The
fair value of a financial instrument, for which there is no active market, is determined by using valuation
techniques. At the time of valuation, the Company adopts the techniques that are applicable in the current situation
and supported by enough available data and other information, selects the input values that are consistent with the

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
features of assets or liabilities as considered by market participants in relevant asset or liability transactions, and
gives priority to use relevant observable inputs. Unobservable inputs are used only under the circumstance when it
is impossible or unobservable inputs to obtain relevant observable inputs.

10.6 Test method and accounting treatment for impairment of financial assets
The Company considers all reasonable and based information, including forward-looking information, estimate
the expected credit loss of financial assets measured at amortized cost and financial assets (debt instruments)
measured at fair value and recorded in other consolidated income in a single or combined manner. The
measurement of expected credit loss depends on whether credit risk increases significantly after initial recognition
of financial assets.
If the credit risk of the financial instrument has increased significantly since the initial confirmation, the Company
measures its loss preparation at the amount equivalent to the expected credit loss of the financial instrument for
the whole life of the financial instrument; If the credit risk of the financial instrument has not increased
significantly since the initial confirmation, the Company measures its loss preparation at the amount equivalent to
the expected credit loss of the financial instrument for the next 12 months.The resulting increase or reversal of
loss preparation shall be recorded as impairment loss or gain in the current profit or loss.
Usually more than 30 days overdue, the Company believes that the credit risk of the financial instrument has
increased significantly, unless there is conclusive evidence that the credit risk of the financial instrument has not
increased significantly since the initial confirmation.
If the credit risk of a financial instrument is low on the balance sheet date, the Company considers that the credit
risk of the financial instrument has not increased significantly since the initial recognition.
If there is objective evidence that a financial asset has been devalued, the Company shall make provision for the
impairment of the financial asset on a single basis.

11. Note receivable

Consistent with the accounting policy of account receivable

12. Account receivable

For accounts receivable, whether or not it contains significant financing elements, the Company is prepared to
measure losses in accordance with the expected credit loss for the entire life span. For the existence of objective
evidence to show the existence of impairment, as well as other accounts receivable applicable to the individual
evaluation of the impairment test, to confirm the expected credit loss, the provision for individual impairment. For
accounts receivable without objective evidence of impairment or when a single financial asset is unable to assess
the expected credit loss at reasonable cost, the company divides the accounts receivable into several combinations
according to the characteristics of credit risk. The basis for determining the combination is as follows:

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                 2021   文全告报度年半年
                        Portfolio Name                                                    Basis

Account Receivables Portfolio 1                             External Customers for Account Receivables

Account Receivables Portfolio 2                             Consolidated Related Party Customers for Account Receivables

For the account receivables divided into portfolios, the Company refers to the history of credit loss experience,
combined with the current situation and the forecast of the future economic situation, to prepare tables of aging of
account receivables and comparison tables of expected credit loss rate of the entire duration, and to calculate the
expected credit loss

For lease receivables, long-term receivables formed by the Company through the sale of goods or the provision of
services, the Company chooses to always measure its loss provisions at an amount equal to the expected credit
loss for the entire duration.

13. Receivables financing
Consistent with the Accounting Standards for Business Enterprise

14. Other receivable

Methods of determining for expected credit losses of other receivable and accounting treatment

For other receivables, if the credit risk has not significantly increased since the initial recognition, it is in the first
stage. The Company shall measure the loss provision according to the expected credit loss in the next 12 months.
If the credit risk has increased significantly since the initial recognition, but the credit impairment has not
occurred, it is in the second stage. If the credit impairment has occurred since the initial recognition, it is in the
third stage. The Company shall measure the loss provision according to the expected credit loss of the instrument
throughout its life.
The Company divides other receivables into several portfolios based on the credit risk characteristics. The basis
for determining the portfolio is as follows:

                          Portfolio Name                                                     Basis

Other Receivables Portfolio 1                                    Deposit, Security Deposit and Reserve Receivables

Other Receivables Portfolio 2                                    Receivables of Advance Payment for Another Party

Other Receivables Portfolio 3                                    Other Account Receivables
For other receivables divided into portfolios, the Company refers to historical experience in credit loss, combined
with the current situation and expected future economic situation, and by default risk exposure and the credit loss
rate within next 12 months or the whole duration, to calculate the expected credit losses.

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
15. Inventory

15.1Classification of inventories and cost
The inventories are classified into: raw materials, commodity stocks, low-value consumables, food materials,
fuels, etc.

15.2Measurement of inventories dispatched
The commodity stocks are accounted for based on their selling prices, and the difference between the commodity
purchasing price and the selling price is adjusted monthly by the comprehensive spread rate method. The
inventory materials are measured at actual cost when purchased and warehoused, and measured using the first-in
first-out method when applied for use and dispatched. Low-value consumables are amortized on a one-off basis
when applied for use.

15.3Determining basis of the net realizable value of inventories and method for inventory depreciation
On the balance sheet date, inventory should be measured according to the lower cost and net realizable value.
When the inventory cost is higher than its net realizable value, it shall be prepared to raise the inventory price. Net
realizable value refers to the estimated selling price of inventory in daily activities minus the estimated cost to be
incurred at the time of completion, the estimated sales expenses and the amount of related taxes and fees.

Inventory of goods directly used for sale, such as finished goods, goods in stock and materials used for sale, to
determine the net realizable value in the normal course of production and operation at the estimated selling price
of the inventory minus the estimated sales expenses and related taxes; inventory of materials requiring processing
to determine the net realizable value in the normal course of production and operation at the estimated selling
price of the finished product minus the estimated costs to be incurred at the time of completion, estimated sales
expenses and related taxes; The net realizable value of inventory held for the execution of a sales contract or a
labor contract is calculated on the basis of the contract price. If the quantity of inventory held is more than the
quantity ordered in the sales contract, The net realizable value of excess inventory is calculated on the basis of
general sales price.

If the factors affecting the previous write-down of inventory value have disappeared, resulting in the net realizable
value of inventory being higher than its book value, it shall be reversed within the reserve amount of the original
inventory falling price, and the amount transferred back shall be recorded into the profits and losses of the current

15.4Inventory system
Perpetual inventory system is adopted.

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
15.5Amortization method for low-cost consumables and packaging materials
(1) Low-cost consumables are amortized in a lump sum;
(2) Packaging materials are amortized in a lump sum.

16. Contractual assets

16.1Methods and criteria for the recognition of contract assets
The Company lists contract assets or contractual liabilities in the balance sheet according to the relationship
between performance obligations and customer payments. The Company's right to receive consideration (and
depends on factors other than the passage of time) for the transfer of goods or services to customers is listed as a
contract asset. Contract assets and contractual liabilities under the same contract are shown in net terms. The
Company's right to collect consideration from customers unconditionally (depending on the passage of time only)
is shown separately as receivables.
16.2 Methods of determining expected credit loss of contract assets and accounting treatment
The method of determining the expected credit loss of the contract assets and the method of accounting treatment
are detailed in the test method and accounting treatment method of the impairment of the financial assets in note
III(10).6. Test methods and accounting treatment for impairment of financial assets"

17. Contract costs

Contract cost includes contract performance cost and contract acquisition cost.
If the costs incurred by the Company for the performance of the contract do not fall within the scope of the
relevant standards, such as inventory, fixed assets or intangible assets, it shall be recognized as an asset as the
contract performance cost when the following conditions are met:
       The cost is directly related to a current or expected contract.
       This cost increases the company's future resources for performance obligations.
       The cost is expected to be recovered.
If the incremental cost incurred by the Company in order to obtain the contract is expected to be recovered, it shall
be recognized as an asset as the contract acquisition cost.
The assets related to the contract cost shall be amortized on the same basis as the recognition of the goods or
services income related to the asset; However, if the amortization period of the contract acquisition cost does not
exceed one year, the Company shall account for the profits and losses of the current period at the time of
If the book value of the assets related to the contract cost is higher than the difference between the following two

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
items, the Company shall make provision for the impairment of the excess part and shall confirm the impairment
loss of the assets:
(1) The remaining consideration is expected to be obtained as a result of the transfer of goods or services related
to the asset;
(2) Estimated costs to be incurred for the transfer of the relevant goods or services.
If the above-mentioned difference is higher than the book value of the asset, the company shall return the original
impairment provision and account for the profits and losses of the current period. However, the book value of the
transferred assets does not exceed the book value of the assets on the date of return.

18. Assets holding for Sale: N/A

19. Investment in debt obligations: N/A

20. Other investment in debt obligations: N/A

21. Long-term account receivable: N/A

22.Long-term equity investment

22.1Judgment criteria for joint control and significant influence
Common control refers to the common control of an arrangement according to the relevant agreement, and the
related activities of the arrangement must be agreed by the participants who share the control right before they can
make decisions. If the company, together with other partners, exercises joint control over the invested unit and has
the right to the net assets of the invested unit, the invested unit shall be the joint venture of the company.
Major influence refers to the power to participate in the decision-making of the financial and business decisions of
the invested units, but it cannot control or jointly control the formulation of these policies with other parties. If the
Company can exert great influence on the invested unit, the invested unit shall be a joint venture of the company.

22.2Determination of initial investment cost
1) Long-term equity investments resulting from merger
For the long-term equity investment of the subsidiary formed by the merger under the same control, the initial
investment cost of the long-term equity investment is based on the share of the book value of the owner's equity of
the merged party in the consolidated financial statements of the final controlling party on the merger date.The
difference between the initial investment cost of long-term equity investment and the book value of payment
consideration is adjusted to adjust the equity premium in the capital reserve; when the equity premium in the
capital reserve is insufficient, the retained earnings are adjusted.If the initial investment cost of the long-term
equity investment recognized in accordance with the above principles is the difference between the book value of

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
the long-term equity investment before the merger and the book value of the new consideration of the shares
further obtained on the date of the merger, the equity premium is adjusted, and the retained earnings are reduced.
For the long-term equity investment of subsidiaries formed by the merger of enterprises under the same control,
the combined cost determined on the purchase date is taken as the initial investment cost of the long-term equity
investment. If the invested unit under the same control can be controlled due to additional investment and other
reasons, the initial investment cost shall be taken as the sum of the original equity investment book value plus the
new investment cost.
2) Long-term equity investments obtained by means other than merger
Long-term equity investments obtained by cash payment are based on the actual purchase price as the initial
investment cost.
The long-term equity investment obtained by issuing equity securities shall be regarded as the initial investment
cost according to the fair value of issuing equity securities.

22.3Subsequent measurements and recognition of profit or loss
1)   Long-term equity investments accounted for under cost method
The Company's long-term equity investment in subsidiaries is accounted for by cost method unless the investment
meets the conditions for holding for sale. In addition to the actual payment of the investment or the declared but
not yet issued cash dividends or profits contained in the consideration, the company shall recognize the current
investment income in accordance with the cash dividend or profit declared by the invested unit.

2)   Long-term equity investments accounted for under the equity method
The long-term equity investment of joint venture and joint venture shall be accounted by equity method. When the
initial investment cost is greater than the investment, it should enjoy the difference of the fair value share of the
identifiable net assets of the invested unit, and not adjust the initial investment cost of the long-term equity
The Company shall recognize the investment income and other combined income according to the net profit and
loss realized by the invested unit and the share of other combined income, and adjust the book value of the
long-term equity investment.
When recognizing the share of the net profit and loss of the invested unit, other comprehensive income and other
owner's equity changes, it shall be based on the fair value of the identifiable net assets of the invested unit at the
time of obtaining the investment, and shall be confirmed after adjusting the net profit and other comprehensive
income of the invested unit in accordance with the accounting policy and accounting period of the company.
The unrealized internal transaction gains and losses between the Company and the joint venture and the joint
venture shall be offset by the portion attributable to the Company calculated in proportion to the amount to be
enjoyed, and the investment income shall be recognized on this basis, except where the assets invested or sold
constitute business. If the unrealized internal transaction loss with the invested unit belongs to the impairment loss
of assets, the full amount shall be confirmed.

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
The net loss of a company to a joint venture or a joint venture shall, in addition to the obligation to bear additional
losses, be reduced to zero by the book value of the long-term equity investment and other long-term interests that
essentially constitute the net investment in the joint venture or joint venture. If the joint venture or joint venture
realizes net profit after the joint venture or joint venture, the Company shall restore the confirmed income sharing
amount after the income sharing amount makes up for the unrecognized loss share amount.

3)      Disposal of long-term equity investments
Disposal of long-term equity investment, its book value and the actual acquisition price difference is accounted
into the current profit and loss.
Where long-term equity investment accounted by part of the disposal equity method is still accounted for by the
equity method, the other comprehensive income recognized by the original equity method is carried forward
according to the corresponding proportion on the same basis as the assets or liabilities directly disposed of by the
invested unit, and the other owner's equity changes are transferred to the current profit and loss proportionally.
If the joint control or significant influence on the invested unit has been lost due to the disposal of equity
investment, other comprehensive income recognized by the original equity investment due to the use of equity
accounting shall be treated on the same basis as the direct disposal of related assets or liabilities by the invested
Where the control of the invested unit has been lost due to the disposal of part of the equity investment and other
reasons, when preparing the individual financial statements, the remaining equity can be jointly controlled or
significantly affected by the invested unit, and shall be accounted for according to the equity method, and adjusted
by equity method accounting when the remaining equity is regarded as acquired. Other comprehensive income
recognized prior to obtaining the control of the invested unit shall be carried forward proportionally on the same
basis as the assets or liabilities directly disposed of by the invested unit, and transferred to the profits and losses of
the current period due to the changes in other owners' equity recognized by equity method accounting; If the
surplus equity cannot exercise joint control or exert significant influence on the invested unit, it shall be
recognized as a financial asset, and the difference between the fair value and the book value on the date of loss of
control shall be recorded into the profits and losses of the current period.
Where the subsidiary equity investment is disposed of step by step through multiple transactions until the loss of
control is a package transaction, each transaction is treated as a transaction that disposes of the subsidiary equity
investment and loses control. If it is not a package transaction, each transaction shall be treated separately.

23. Investment properties

Measurement mode
Measured by cost method
Depreciation or amortization method

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                             2021   文全告报度年半年
The investment properties refer to the properties held for earning rentals or/and capital appreciation, including
leased land use right, land use right held for transfer upon appreciation, and leased building (including self-built
buildings or buildings developed for renting or buildings under construction or development for future renting).
The subsequent expenditure related to investment real estate is included in the cost of investment real estate when
the relevant economic benefits are likely to flow in and its cost can be reliably measured; otherwise, it is recorded
into the profits and losses of the current period when it occurs
The Company measures the existing investment properties by using the cost model. For investment property
measured by using the cost model, the buildings for lease shall be depreciated by using policies the same as used
for fixed assets of the Company, and the land use rights for lease shall be amortized by using the same policies as
applicable to intangible assets.

24. Fixed assets

24.1 Recognition criteria

Fixed assets refer to tangible assets held for the purpose of producing commodities, providing services, renting or
business management with useful lives exceeding one year. Fixed assets are recognized when they simultaneously
meet the following conditions:
(1) It is probable that the economic benefits relating to the fixed assets will flow into the Company; and
(2) The costs of the fixed assets can be measured reliably.

Fixed assets are initially measured at cost, taking into account the impact of expected disposal costs.
Subsequent expenditures related to fixed assets are included in the cost of fixed assets when the economic benefits
associated with them are likely to flow in and their costs can be reliably measured; for the replaced part, the book
value is terminated;
All other subsequent expenditures are recorded at the time of occurrence into the current profit or loss

24.2 Depreciation method

                                                                                                   Yearly depreciation
       Asset type         Depreciation method    Year for depreciation    Residual value rate

 Buildings and
                         Straight-line method   20-40 years              5%                       4.75%-2.37%

                         Straight-line method   8-20 years               5%                       11.87%-4.75
 Machinery equipment

 Electronic              Straight-line method   5-16 years               5%                       19%-5.93%

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年

                         Straight-line method    7-12 years              5%                   13.57%-7.91%

 Other equipment         Straight-line method    8 years                 5%                   11.87%

Depreciation of fixed assets is classified by the method of average life, and the depreciation rate is determined
according to the category of fixed assets, the expected useful life and the estimated net residual value rate.For the
fixed assets with impairment provisions, the depreciation amount shall be determined in the future period
according to the book value after deducting the impairment preparation and according to the useful life.If the
service life of each component of fixed assets is different or the economic benefits are provided to the enterprise
in different ways, different depreciation rates or depreciation methods are selected to calculate depreciation
The fixed assets leased by financial lease adopt depreciation policy consistent with their own fixed assets.If it can
reasonably determine that ownership of the leased assets will be acquired at the expiration of the lease term,
depreciation shall be calculated within the useful life of the leased assets; if it is impossible to reasonably
determine the ownership of the leased assets at the expiration of the lease term, Depreciation is calculated within a
shorter period of the lease term and the useful life of the leased assets.

24.3Identification basis, valuation method and depreciation of the financing leased fixed assets

If any of the following conditions is stipulated in the terms of the lease agreement signed between the company
and the lessee, it shall be recognized as the financing leased assets:
1) After the expire of the lease term, the ownership of the leased assets shall be vested in the company;
2) The company has an option to purchase the asset, the purchase price is far less than the fair value of the asset
when the option is exercised;
3) The leasing term is the majority of the life of the leased asset;
4) The present value of the minimum lease payment on the beginning of the lease does not have many differences
from the fair value of the asset;
5) The leased assets are of a special nature and can only be used by the lessee if they are not substantially
On the starting date of the lease, the company takes the lower between the fair value of the leased asset and the
present value of the minimum lease payment as the book value of the leased asset, and the minimum lease
payment as the book value of the long-term payable, and the difference between the fair value of the leased asset
and the present value of the minimum lease payment as the unrecognized financing fee.

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
25. Construction in progress

The book-entry values of the fixed assets are stated at total expenditures incurred before reaching working
condition for their intended use. Where a construction in progress reaches the working condition for its intended
use but the final account for completion is not made yet, it shall be transferred into fixed assets from the date
when it reaches the working condition for intended use at the estimated value according to the project budget,
construction price or actual cost, and the depreciation of the said fixed assets shall be accrued according to the
Company's depreciation policies applicable to fixed assets. After the final account for completed project is done,
the Company adjusts the original estimated value of the fixed asset in accordance with the actual cost, but does
not adjust the provision for such depreciation that had been accrued.

26. Borrowing costs

26.1Recognition principles of capitalization of borrowing costs
The borrowing costs incurred to the Company and directly attributable to the acquisition and construction or
production of assets eligible for capitalization should be capitalized and recorded into relevant asset costs; other
borrowing costs should be recognized as costs according to the amount incurred and be included into current
profit and loss.
Assets meeting the capitalization requirements refer to fixed assets, investment properties and inventories, etc.
that need to be purchased, constructed or produced for a long time to be available for intended use or sale.

26.2Capitalization period of borrowing costs
Capitalization period refers to the period from the beginning of capitalization to the cease of capitalization,
excluding the period of capitalization suspension of borrowing costs.
Borrowing costs may be capitalized only when all the following conditions are met:
1)   Asset disbursements, which include those incurred by cash payment, the transfer of non-cash assets or the
undertaking of interest-bearing debts for acquiring and constructing or producing assets eligible for capitalization,
have already been incurred;
2)   Borrowing costs have already been incurred; and
3)   The acquisition and construction or production activities which are necessary to prepare the assets for their
intended use or sale have already been started.
Capitalization of borrowing costs should cease when the acquired and constructed or produced assets eligible for
capitalization have reached the working condition for their intended use or sale.

26.3Period of capitalization suspension
If the acquisition, construction or production activities of assets eligible for capitalization are abnormally
interrupted and such condition lasts for more than three months, the capitalization of borrowing costs should be
suspended; if the interruption is necessary procedures for the acquired, constructed or produced assets eligible for

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                           2021   文全告报度年半年
capitalization to reach the working conditions for their intended use or sale, the borrowing costs continue to be
capitalized. Borrowing costs incurred during the interruption are recognized as the current profit or loss and
continue to be capitalized until the acquisition, construction or production of the assets restarts.

26.4Calculation method of capitalization amount of borrowing costs
For special loans borrowed for the purchase or production of assets that meet the capitalization conditions, the
borrowing costs actually incurred in the current period shall be specially borrowed, less the amount of interest
income earned by the unused loan funds deposited in the bank or investment income obtained by temporary
investment to determine the capitalized amount of the borrowing costs.
For a general loan occupied for the purchase or production of assets that meet the capitalization conditions, the
amount of borrowing expenses to be capitalized shall be calculated according to the weighted average of the
cumulative asset expenditure exceeding the part of the special loan multiplied by the capitalization rate of the
general loan occupied. The capitalization rate is determined by the weighted average real interest rate of the
general loan.
During the capitalization period, the exchange difference between the principal and interest of the foreign
currency special loan shall be capitalized and included in the cost of the assets eligible for capitalization. The
exchange difference between the principal and interest of foreign currency loans other than foreign currency
special loans is recorded into the current profit and loss.

27. Biological assets: N/A

28. Oil-and-gas assets: N/A

29. Right-of-use assets: N/A

30. Intangible assets

30.1 Measurement method, useful lives and impairment testing

1) Measurement of intangible assets

The Company initially measures intangible assets at cost on acquisition:
The costs of externally purchased intangible assets include purchase prices, relevant taxes and surcharges and
other directly attributable expenditures incurred to prepare the assets for their intended uses.

2)Estimate of the useful life of the intangible assets with definite useful lives

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                    2021   文全告报度年半年
                 Estimated useful life          Amortization method                                    Basis

Land use right         50 years          Straight-line amortization method Useful life prescribed in the Certificate of Land Use Right

3) Determination basis of intangible assets with indefinite useful lives

The useful lives of the intangible assets are analyzed and determined on acquisition.
Intangible assets with definite useful lives shall be amortized within the period when the intangible assets generate
economic benefits for the Company; if the said period cannot be forecast, the intangible assets shall be deemed as
those with indefinite useful lives and shall not be amortized.
As at the balance sheet date, the Company had no intangible assets with indefinite useful life.

30.2 Accounting policy of internal R&D expenditures: N/A

31. Long-term assets impairment

Long-term equity investment, investment real estate measured by cost model, fixed assets, construction projects in
progress, intangible assets with limited useful life, oil and gas assets and other long-term assets, if there are signs
of impairment on the balance sheet date, carry out impairment tests. If the impairment test results show that the
recoverable amount of the asset is lower than its book value, the impairment provision shall be made according to
its difference and included in the impairment loss. The recoverable amount is the higher between the fair value of
the asset minus the disposal cost and the present value of the expected future cash flow of the asset. The asset
impairment provision is calculated and confirmed on the basis of a single asset. If it is difficult to estimate the
recoverable amount of a single asset, the recoverable amount of the asset group is determined by the asset group
to which the asset belongs. The asset group is the smallest portfolio that can independently generate cash inflows.
For the goodwill formed by the merger of the enterprise, the intangible assets with uncertain service life, and the
intangible assets that have not reached the usable state, whether or not there are signs of impairment, at least at the
end of each year, the impairment test is carried out.
The Company conducts a goodwill impairment test, and the carrying value of the goodwill formed by the business
merger shall be allocated to the relevant asset groups in a reasonable manner from the date of purchase; If it is
difficult to apportion to the relevant asset group, it shall be apportioned to the relevant asset group combination.
The relevant asset group or combination of asset groups is the asset group or combination of asset groups that can
benefit from the synergies of the enterprise merger.

Goodwill in the relevant asset groups or combination of group assets impairment tests, such as the asset group or
combination of group assets related to goodwill there are signs of impairment, the first does not include the
goodwill of the asset group or combination of group assets impairment test, calculation of recoverable amount,

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
and compared with the related book value, confirm the corresponding impairment loss. And goodwill of the asset
group or combination of group assets impairment test, comparing its book value and recoverable amount, such as
the recoverable amount is lower than the book value, the amount of impairment loss first deduction allocation to
the asset group or combination of group assets in the book value of the goodwill, according to the asset group or
combination of group assets all assets except goodwill in the book value of the proportion, the book value of the
assets in proportion to offset each other. Once the above assets impairment loss is recognized, it will not be carried
back in future accounting periods.

32.Long-term deferred expenses

Long-term deferred expenses refer to various expenses which have been already incurred but will be borne in the
reporting period and in the future with an amortization period of over one year.

32.1 Amortization method
Long-term deferred expenses are amortized evenly over the beneficial period.
32.2 Amortization years

                                     Item                                               Amortization years
                                                                                             4 years
Hotel exterior decoration
                                                                                             4 years
Fire stairs renovation
                                                                                             5 years
Renovation of guest rooms in Building C, Decoration and renovation of Building A
                                                                                             5 years
B Building Renovation Project
                                                                                             5 years
Landscape reconstruction
                                                                                             5 years
Staff quarters renovation
                                                                                             5 years
Villa renovation
                                                                                             5 years
Swimming pool renovation, Pavement modification projects
                                                                                             5 years
Roof waterproofing projects

33. Contract liability

The Company lists contract assets or contractual liabilities in the balance sheet according to the relationship
between performance obligations and customer payments. The Company’s obligations to transfer goods or
provide services to customers that have received or receivable customer consideration are listed as contractual
liabilities. Contract assets and contractual liabilities under the same contract are shown in net terms.

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                             2021   文全告报度年半年
34.Employee compensation

34.1 Short-term compensation
During the accounting period in which employees provide service to the Company, the short-term remuneration
actually incurred is recognized as liabilities and included into the current profit or loss or the assets-related cost.

The social insurance premium and the housing provident fund paid by the Company for its employees, together
with the labor union expenditures and employee education drew as required are used to calculate and determine
the relevant employee compensation amount based on the prescribed accrual basis and accrual proportion during
the accounting period in which the employees provide services to the Company.

The employee welfare expenses incurred by the Company shall be recorded into the current profit or loss or
related asset cost according to the actual amount incurred at the time of actual occurrence, in which the
non-monetary benefits shall be measured at fair value.

34.2 Dismissal welfare

1) Defined contribution plans
The Company shall pay basic old-age insurance and unemployment insurance for its employees in accordance
with the relevant regulations of the local government. During the accounting period in which the employees
provide services to the Company, the amount to be paid shall be calculated on the basis and proportion of the local
regulations. In addition, the Company also participated in the enterprise annuity plan / supplementary pension
insurance fund approved by the relevant state departments. The Company pays to the annuity plan / local social
insurance institution according to a certain proportion of the total salary of the staff and workers, and the
corresponding expenses are included in the current profit or loss or the related asset cost.

2) Defined benefit plans
According to the formula determined by the law of expected accumulative welfare units, the company will
attribute the welfare obligations generated by the established benefit plan to the period during which the employee
provides services, and record them into the current profit and loss or the cost of related assets.

The deficit or surplus resulting from the present value of the defined benefit plan obligations minus the fair value
of the defined benefit plan assets is recognized as the net liability or net asset of a defined benefit plan. If there is a
surplus in the defined benefit plan, the company shall measure the net assets of the defined benefit plan by the
lower of the surplus and the asset ceiling.

All defined benefit plan obligations, including those expected to be paid within 12 months of the end of the

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
employee's annual reporting period for the provision of services, are discounted by the market rate of return on
Treasury bonds or high-quality corporate bonds in the active market that matches the duration and currency of the
defined benefit plan obligations on the balance sheet date.

The service costs incurred by the defined benefit plan and the net interest on the net liabilities or net assets of the
defined benefit plan are recorded in the current profits and losses or the costs of related assets. The changes
caused by the net liabilities or net assets of the defined benefit plan shall be accounted for in other comprehensive
income, and shall not be transferred back to the profits and losses in the subsequent accounting period. Upon the
termination of the original defined benefit plan, all the parts previously accounted for in other comprehensive
income shall be carried forward to the undistributed profit within the scope of equity.

When establishing the settlement of the benefit plan, the difference between the present value of the obligation of
the established benefit plan and the settlement price determined on the settlement date shall be used to confirm the
settlement gains or losses.

34.3 Post-employment benefits

If the Company provides dismissal benefits to employees, the employee's salary liabilities arising from the
dismissal benefits shall be recognized at an early date, and shall be included in the profits and losses of the current
period. When the Company cannot unilaterally withdraw the dismissal benefits provided by the termination of the
labor relations plan or the reduction proposal; When the company recognizes the costs or expenses associated with
the reorganization involving the payment of dismissal benefits.

34.4 Accounting method for other long-term employee welfare: N/A

35. Lease liability: N/A

36.Estimated liabilities

When the Company involves in proceedings, debt guarantees, onerous contracts and reorganization events, if such
events may require delivery of assets or rendering of services in the future and the amounts of such events can be
reliably measured, such events are recognized as estimated liabilities.
36.1 Recognition criteria of estimated liabilities
When an obligation relating to a contingency meets all the following conditions at the same time, it is recognized
as an estimated liability:
1)   Such obligation is a present obligation of the Company;

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                      2021   文全告报度年半年
2)    The performance of this obligation may very probably lead to the flow of economic interests out of the
Company; and
3)    The amount of the obligation can be measured reliably.

36.2Measurement method of estimated liabilities
Estimated liabilities of the Company are initially measured as the best estimate of expenses required for the
performance of the relevant present obligations.
When determining the best estimates, the Company comprehensively considers the risks, uncertainties, time value
of money, and other factors relating to the contingencies. If the time value of money is significant, the best
estimates will be determined after discount of relevant future cash outflows.
The best estimates shall be treated as follows in different circumstances:
If there is continuous range (or interval) for the necessary expenses, and probabilities of occurrence of all the
outcomes within this range are equal, the best estimate should be determined at the average amount of upper and
lower limits within the range.
If there is no continuous range (or interval) for the necessary expenses, or probabilities of occurrence of all the
outcomes within this range are unequal although such a range exists, in case that the contingency involves a single
item, the best estimate shall be determined at the most likely outcome; if the contingency involves two or more
items, the best estimates should be determined according to all the possible outcomes with their relevant
When all or part of the expenses necessary for the settlement of estimated liabilities of the Company are expected
to be compensated by a third party, the compensation shall be separately recognized as an asset only when it is
virtually certain to be received. The compensation recognized shall not exceed the book value of the estimated

37. Share-based payment: N/A

38. Other financial instrument as preferred stock and perpetual bond etc.: N/A

39. Revenue
Accounting policies used for revenue recognition and measurement
39.1Accounting policies used for revenue recognition and measurement

The Company has fulfilled its performance obligation in the contract, that is, to recognize revenue when the
customer acquires control of the relevant goods or services. Access to control of related goods or services means
that it can dominate the use of the goods or services and obtain almost all the economic benefits from them.
If the contract contains two or more performance obligations, the Company shall, on the commencement date of
the contract, apportion the transaction price to each individual performance obligation in accordance with the

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
relative proportion of the individual selling price of the goods or services promised by each individual
performance obligation. The Company measures its income according to the transaction price apportioned to each
individual performance obligation.
Transaction price refers to the amount of consideration that the company is expected to be entitled to receive for
the transfer of goods or services to customers, excluding the amount collected on behalf of third parties and the
amount expected to be returned to customers. The Company according to the terms of the contract, combined with
its previous practice to determine the transaction price, and in determining the transaction price, consider the
variable consideration, the major financing components existing in the contract, non-cash consideration, payable
customer consideration and other factors. The Company shall determine the transaction price containing variable
consideration at a amount not exceeding the amount of the cumulative recognized income most likely not to be
significantly reversed when the relevant uncertainty is eliminated. If there is a significant financing component in
the contract, the Company shall determine the transaction price in accordance with the amount payable in cash
upon the assumption that the customer acquires control of the goods or services, the difference between the
transaction price and the contract consideration shall be amortized by the real interest rate method during the
contract period.
If one of the following conditions is met, the performance obligation shall be fulfilled within a certain period of
time; otherwise, the performance obligation shall be fulfilled at a certain time:
         The customer acquires and consumes the economic benefits of the Company's performance at the same
         The customer can control the goods under construction during the performance of the Company.
         The goods produced in the course of the Company's performance have irreplaceable uses, and the
Company has the right to collect money for the cumulative performance portion completed so far throughout the
contract period.
For performance obligations performed within a certain period of time, the Company shall recognize the income
according to the performance schedule within that period, except where the performance schedule cannot be
reasonably determined. The Company considers the nature of goods or services, using the output method or input
method to determine the progress of performance. When the performance schedule cannot be reasonably
determined, the cost that has been incurred is expected to be compensated, and the company recognizes the
income according to the cost amount that has been incurred until the performance schedule can be reasonably
For performance obligations at a certain point, the Company recognizes revenue at the time when the customer
acquires control of the relevant goods or services. In determining whether the customer has obtained control over
the goods or services, the Company considers the following signs:
         The Company has the right to collect the goods or services, that is, the customer has the current obligation
to pay for the goods or services.
         The Company has transferred the legal ownership of the goods to the customer, that is, the customer has
the legal ownership of the goods.

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
         The Company has transferred the goods to customers, that is, customers have physical possession of the
         The Company has transferred the main risk and reward in the ownership of the commodity to the customer,
that is, the customer has obtained the main risk and reward in the ownership of the commodity.
         The customer has accepted the goods or services, etc.

39.2 Specific principles for revenue recognition
Hotel business revenue sources include guest rooms, catering, merchandise sales, entertainment services and so on.
Revenue from guest rooms, catering and entertainment services is recognized at the end of the service, and
revenue from the sale of goods is recognized as revenue when the control of the goods is transferred to the
customer, that is, when the goods are delivered to the customer and there is no non-performance obligation
affecting the customer's receipt of the goods.
39.3Accounting policies used in revenue recognition and measurement

The Company recognizes revenue when it has fulfilled its performance obligations under the contract, that is,
when the customer acquires control of the relevant goods or services. To acquire control of the relevant goods or
services means to be able to dominate the use of the goods or services and gain almost all the economic benefits.
If the contract contains two or more performance obligations, the Company shall, on the commencement date of
the contract, apportion the transaction price to each performance obligation in accordance with the relative
proportion of the individual selling price of the goods or services promised in each performance obligation. The
Company shall measure its income according to the transaction price apportioned to each individual performance
Transaction price means the amount of consideration that the Company expects to be entitled to receive in
connection with the transfer of goods or services to the customer, excluding amounts received on behalf of third
parties and amounts expected to be refunded to the customer. The Company determines the transaction price in
accordance with the terms of the contract and in conjunction with its previous practices, and takes into account the
influence of variable consideration, significant financing elements existing in the contract, non-cash consideration,
customer consideration payable and other factors in determining the transaction price. The Company determines
the transaction price with variable consideration at an amount not exceeding the amount by which the cumulative
recognized revenue is highly unlikely to be materially reversed when the relevant uncertainty is eliminated.           If
there is a significant financing component in the contract, the Company shall determine the transaction price on
the basis of the amount payable in cash that is assumed to be paid by the customer upon acquisition of control of
the goods or services, and shall amortize the difference between the transaction price and the contract
consideration by using the effective interest rate during the contract period.

If one of the following conditions is met, the performance obligation shall be fulfilled within a certain period of
time; otherwise, the performance obligation shall be fulfilled at a certain point in time:
 The customer obtains and consumes the economic benefits brought by the Company's performance of the

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
contract while the Company performs the contract.
 The customer can control the goods under construction in the process of the Company's performance.
 The products produced by the Company during the performance of the contract have irreplaceable uses, and the
Company has the right to receive payment for the cumulative part of the performance completed so far throughout
the contract period.
For performance obligations performed within a certain period of time, the Company shall recognize revenue in
accordance with the performance progress within that period, except where the performance progress cannot be
reasonably determined. The Company considers the nature of goods or services, and adopts the output method or
the input method to determine the performance progress.       When the performance progress cannot be reasonably
determined and the cost already incurred is expected to be compensated, the Company shall recognize revenue
according to the amount of cost already incurred until the performance progress can be reasonably determined.
For performance obligations performed at a certain point in time, the Company recognizes revenue at the
time-point when the customer takes control of the relevant goods or services. When determining whether the
customer has acquired control of the goods or services, the Company considers the following indications:
 The Company has current rights to collect payments in respect of the goods or services, i.e. the customer has
current payment obligations in respect of the goods or services.
 The Company has transferred legal ownership of the goods to the customer, that is, the customer has legal
ownership of the goods.
 The Company has transferred the physical goods to the customer, that is, the customer is in possession of the
physical goods.
 The Company has transferred the main risks and rewards of ownership of the goods to the customer, i.e. the
customer has acquired the main risks and rewards of ownership of the goods.
 The customer has accepted the goods or services, etc.

39.4 Specific principle of revenue recognition

Hotel business revenue sources include guest rooms, food and beverage, commodity sales, entertainment services,
etc. The revenue of guest room, food and beverage, and entertainment services shall be recognized at the end of
service provision, and the revenue from sales of goods shall be recognized as revenue when the control of goods is
transferred to the customer, that is, when the goods are delivered to the customer without any non-performance
obligations affecting the customer's receipt of goods, the revenue shall be recognized.
Similar business adopting different business models leads to differences in revenue recognition and accounting

40. Government subsidy

Income tax includes current income tax and deferred income tax. In addition to the income tax arising from the

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
merger of the enterprise and the transactions or events directly included in the owner's equity (including other
comprehensive income), the company shall include the current income tax and deferred income tax into the profits
and losses of the current period.
Deferred income tax assets and deferred income tax liabilities are recognized on the basis of the difference
(temporary difference) between the tax basis of assets and liabilities and their book value.
For deductible temporary difference recognition deferred income tax assets, the amount of taxable income that is
likely to be obtained in future periods to offset deductible temporary differences is limited. For deductible losses
and tax credits that can be carried forward for subsequent years, the corresponding deferred income tax assets are
recognized to the extent that the future taxable income that is likely to be used to offset deductible losses and tax
credits is obtained.
For taxable temporary differences, deferred income tax liabilities are recognized except in special cases.
Special cases where deferred income tax assets or deferred income tax liabilities are not recognized include:
     Initial recognition of goodwill;
     A transaction or event that is neither a merger of an enterprise nor an event that affects the accounting profit
or taxable income (or deductible loss) at the time of its occurrence.
The deferred income tax liability is recognized for taxable temporary differences related to the investment of
subsidiaries, associated enterprises and joint ventures unless the Company can control the time when the
temporary difference is reversed and the temporary difference is likely not to be reversed in the foreseeable future.
Deferred income tax assets are recognized for deductible temporary differences related to the investment of
subsidiaries, associated enterprises and joint ventures when the temporary differences are likely to be reversed in
the foreseeable future and are likely to receive taxable income in the future to offset deductible temporary
On the balance sheet date, for deferred income tax assets and deferred income tax liabilities, according to the
provisions of the tax law, according to the expected recovery of related assets or liquidation of related liabilities
during the applicable tax rate measurement.
On the balance sheet date, the company reviews the book value of deferred income tax assets. If the future period
is likely to be unable to obtain sufficient taxable income to offset the benefits of deferred income tax assets, the
book value of deferred income tax assets is written down. Where sufficient taxable income is likely to be obtained,
the amount of the write-down is reversed.
The current income tax assets and the current income tax liabilities are reported as net offset when they have the
statutory right to settle on a net basis and are intended to settle on a net basis or to obtain assets and liabilities at
the same time.
On the balance sheet date, deferred income tax assets and deferred income tax liabilities are shown as net offsets
when the following conditions are met:
     The tax payer has the legal right to settle current income tax assets and current income tax liabilities by net;
     Deferred income tax assets and deferred income tax liabilities are related to the income tax levied by the
same tax collection and management department on the same tax payer or to different tax payer, but in each future
period of transfer of important deferred income tax assets and liabilities, The tax payer intends to net settle current

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
income tax assets and liabilities or obtain assets and liabilities at the same time.

41.Deferred tax assets and deferred tax liabilities: N/A


42.1 Accounting treatment of operating lease

1) The rental fees paid for the asset leased by the Company will be amortized over the entire lease term without
deducting rent-free period according to the straight-line method and included in the expenses for the current
period. The initial direct costs related to the lease transactions paid by the Company are included in the current

When assets lessor bears costs related to the lease borne by the Company, the Company shall deduct the part of
expenses from the total rents and amortize the rents after deduction over the lease term and include them in
current expenses.
2) Lease fees received by the Company from leasing assets shall be amortized at straight-line method over the
whole lease period including rent-free period, and shall be recognized as lease income. Initial direct costs relating
to lease transactions incurred by the Company shall be recognized as the current expenses; if the amounts are
significant, they shall be capitalized and included in the current income on the same basis as the recognition of
lease income.

When the Company bears costs related to the lease borne by the leasee, the Company shall deduct the part of
expenses from the total rents and amortize the rents after deduction over the lease term.

42.2 Accounting treatment of finance lease

1) Financial leased assets: on the start date of leasing, the Company takes the lower of the fair value of the leased
assets and the present value of the minimum lease payment as the book value of the leased assets, takes the
minimum lease payment as the book value of the long-term payable, and the difference as the unrecognized
financing expenses. The Company adopts the effective interest rate method to amortize the unrecognized
financing expenses during the lease period and record them into financial expenses. The initial direct expenses
incurred by the Company shall be included in the value of the leased assets.
2) Financial leasing assets: the Company shall, at the beginning of the lease, recognize the difference between the
sum of the receivable financial leasing payments, the unsecured residual value and its present value as unrealized
financing income, which shall be recognized as lease income within the period of receiving the rent in the future.
The initial direct expenses incurred by the company in connection with the lease transaction shall be included in
the initial measurement of the finance lease receivable and shall reduce the amount of income recognized during

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                             2021   文全告报度年半年
the lease term.

43. Other significant accounting policies and accounting estimates: N/A

44.Changes in significant accounting policies and accounting estimates

44.1 Changes in significant accounting policies

□Applicable √Not applicable

44.2 Changes in accounting estimates

□Applicable √Not applicable

44.3 Adjustment on relevant items of financial statement at begging of the year when implemented the new
leasing standards since 2021

44.4 Explanation of the retrospective adjustment on comparative data in the prior period while
implemented new leasing standards for the first time since 2021
□Applicable      √Not applicable

45. Other: N/A

VII. Notes to the main items of the financial statements

1. Monetary funds

                                                                                                      In RMB

                   Item                        Ending balance                 Beginning balance

 Cash on hand                                                   151,571.07                        179,111.10

 Bank deposits                                              3,089,049.44                      2,745,348.65

 Total                                                      3,240,620.51                      2,924,459.75

Other explanation: nil

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                             2021   文全告报度年半年
2. Trading securities: nil

3. Derivative financial assets: nil

4. Note receivable: nil

5. Accounts receivable

(1) Disclosure of account receivables by category

                                                                                                                                       In RMB
                                            Ending balance                                             Beginning balance
                                                  Provision for bad                                         Provision for bad
                             Book balance                                               Book balance
         Category                                          debt                Book                                 debt               Book
                         Amoun      Proport     Amoun        Provision         value   Amou    Proport    Amoun         Provision      value
                              t       ion           t             ratio                 nt      ion          t             ratio


 receivable with
                          251,73    100.00        162,70                       89,03   592,0   100.00      162,70                      429,3
 provision for bad                                                64.63%                                                   27.48%
                             5.65           %       5.01                        0.64   08.33          %      5.01                      03.32
 debts based on


                          251,73    100.00        162,70                       89,03   592,0   100.00      162,70                      429,3
 Total                                                            64.63%                                                   27.48%
                             5.65           %       5.01                        0.64   08.33          %      5.01                      03.32

Provision for bad debts based on single item: nil
Provision for bad debt based on portfolios: nil
If the bad debt provision of an account receivable is withdrawn according to the general model of expected credit loss, please refer to
the disclosure method of other receivables to disclose the relevant information of bad debt provision:
□ Applicable   √ Not applicable
Released by account age
                                                                                                                                       In RMB

                             Account age                                                          Book balance

 Within 1 year (inclusive)                                                                                                         139,574.85

 1-2 years                                                                                                                          19,092.00

 2-3 years                                                                                                                           2,259.00

 Over 3 years                                                                                                                       90,809.80

 3-4 years                                                                                                                            566.00

 4-5 years                                                                                                                            785.00

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
    Over 5 years                                                                                                              89,458.80

 Total                                                                                                                       251,735.65

(2) Provision, reversal or recovery of provision for bad debts in the period

Provision for bad debt in the period
                                                                                                                                  In RMB

                                                             Amount changed in the period
    Category                                                 Reversal or                                                 Ending balance
                         balance            Accrual                               Charge off              Other

                         162,705.01                                                                                          162,705.01

 Total                   162,705.01                                                                                          162,705.01

Including the major amount that reversal or switch-back in the period: nil

(3) Account receivable actually charge off in the period: nil

(4)Top five accounts receivable in terms of ending balance collected by the debtor

                                                                                                                                  In RMB

                                           Ending balance of           Proportion in the total accounts           Ending balance of the
              Name of entity
                                           account receivable              receivable at period-end                bad debt provision

 Shanghai Hecheng International
                                                      92,811.11                                   36.87%                      13,203.33
 Travel Service Co., Ltd.

 Guangzhou Design Institute                           38,980.00                                   15.48%                      38,980.00

 Yangpu Huayu Road & Bridge
                                                      18,633.00                                       7.40%                   18,633.00
 Technology Co., Ltd.

 China International Travel Service
                                                      13,540.20                                       5.38%                   13,540.20

 Sanya Baishun International Travel
                                                      11,500.00                                       4.57%                   11,500.00
 Service Co., Ltd.

 Total                                             175,464.31                                     69.70%

(5) Account receivable that are terminated due to financial assets transfer: nil

(6) Assets and liabilities resulted by account receivable transfer and continues involvement: nil

6. Receivable financing: nil

Variation and fair value changes on receivable financing in the period:

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                      2021   文全告报度年半年
□ Applicable √ Not applicable
If the provision for impairment of receivable financing is withdrawn according to the general model of expected credit loss, please
refer to the disclosure method of other receivables to disclose the relevant information of impairment provision:
□ Applicable √ Not applicable
Other description: nil

7. Advance payment: nil

(1) Disclosure of advance payment by account age: nil

(2) Top five advances payment in terms of the ending balance collected by the prepaid object: nil

8. Other receivable

                                                                                                                              In RMB

                      Item                                 Ending balance                             Beginning balance

 Other receivable                                                           522,032.39                                    432,560.55

 Total                                                                      522,032.39                                    432,560.55

(1) Interest receivable: nil

3) Provision for bad debt

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable

(2) Dividend receivable: nil

1) Classification of dividends receivable: nil

2) Important dividends receivable with aging over one year: nil

3) Provision for bad debt: nil

□ Applicable      √ Not applicable
Other notes: nil

(3) Other account receivables

1) Other account receivable disclosed by nature

                                                                                                                              In RMB

                         Nature                             Ending book balance                     Opening book balance

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                          2021   文全告报度年半年
 Utility bills                                                               167,719.86                                        189,577.27

 Margin                                                                      156,500.00                                        156,500.00

 Social insurance and housing provident funds                                 59,657.19                                         59,657.19

 Petty cash                                                                  178,141.93                                         56,812.68

 Elevator installation fee                                                                                                      10,000.00

 Deposit                                                                           600.00                                         600.00

 Total                                                                       562,618.98                                        473,147.14

2) Provision for bad debt:

                                                                                                                                   In RMB

                                           First stage           Second stage                       Third stage

                                                            Expected credit loss for        Expected credit loss for the
     Provision for bad debt         Expected credit loss                                                                         Total
                                                            the whole duration (no            whole duration (credit
                                       in next 12 months
                                                              credit impairment)            impairment has occurred)

 Balance as at 1 Jan. 2021                      40,586.59                                                                       40,586.59

 Balance as at January 1. 2021
                                             ——                    ——                              ——                      ——
 in current period

 Balance as at 30 June 2021                     40,586.59                                                                       40,586.59

Change of the book balance for major amount changed in loss provision
□ Applicable √ Not applicable
Released by account age
                                                                                                                                   In RMB

                             Account age                                                         Book balance

 Within 1 year (inclusive)                                                                                                    444,074.24

 1-2 years                                                                                                                      26,836.90

 Over 3 years                                                                                                                    2,236.00

    Over 5 years                                                                                                                 2,236.00

 Total                                                                                                                        473,147.14

3) Provision, reversal or recovery of provision for bad debts in the period

Provision for bad debt in the period
                                                                                                                                   In RMB

                                                             Amount changed in the period
     Category                                                Reversal or                                                   Ending balance
                          balance             Accrual                              Write-off              Other

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                   2021    文全告报度年半年
                          40,586.59                                                                                    40,586.59

         Total            40,586.59                                                                                    40,586.59

Including major amount reversal or switch-back in the period: nil

4) Other receivables actually charge off in the period: nil

5) Top five other accounts receivable in terms of ending balance collected by the debtor

                                                                                                                           In RMB

                                                                                                                    Ending balance of
                                             Ending       Account        Proportion in total amount of other
      Name of entity          Nature                                                                                  the bad debt
                                             balance         age         accounts receivable at period-end

 Labor Security
                                                          Within 1
 Supervision               Margin           156,500.00                                                 27.82%                7,825.00
 Detachment of Sanya

 Hainan Zhongzhida         Application                    Within 1
                                             60,000.00                                                 10.66%
 Technology Co., Ltd.      fee                            year

 Personal social           Advance                        Within 1
                                             49,471.81                                                  8.79%                2,366.36
 insurance premium         payment                        year

                                                          Within 1
 Ding Qin                  Petty cash        49,526.97                                                  8.80%

 Fresh shower room                                        Within 1
                           Utility bills     25,993.04                                                  4.62%

 Total                           --         341,491.82        --                                       60.70%               10,191.36

6) Account receivables related to government subsidies: nil

7) Other receivable for termination of confirmation due to the transfer of financial assets: nil

8) The amount of assets and liabilities that are transferred other receivable and continued to be involved:

9. Inventories

Whether the new revenue standards been implemented: No

(1) Classification of inventories

                                                                                                                           In RMB

        司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                              2021   文全告报度年半年
                                    Ending balance                                         Beginning balance

                                    Provision for                                            Provision for
                                      inventory                                                inventory
                                    depreciation or                                         depreciation or
         Item                       provision for                                            provision for
                    Book balance                        Book value         Book balance                         Book value
                                    impairment of                                            impairment of
                                       contract                                                 contract
                                     performance                                             performance
                                         costs                                                   costs

 Raw materials         443,425.35        310,260.94       133,164.41         479,614.80         310,260.94        169,353.86

                        22,771.38         11,102.41            11,668.97      22,771.38           11,102.41        11,668.97

 Food materials
                        53,784.97                              53,784.97    1,803,651.50                        1,803,651.50
 and beverages

 Fuel                   22,856.65                              22,856.65      25,254.50                            25,254.50

 Total                 542,838.35        321,363.35       221,475.00        2,331,292.18        321,363.35      2,009,928.83

(2) Provision for inventory depreciation or provision for impairment of contract performance costs

                                                                                                                       In RMB

                                            Current increase                     Current decrease
         Item                                                              Reversal or                         Ending balance
                      balance          Accrual            Other                                  Other

 Raw materials         310,260.94                                                                                  310,260.94

                        11,102.41                                                                                   11,102.41

 Total                 321,363.35                                                                                  321,363.35

(3) Explanation on capitalization of borrowing costs at ending balance of inventory: nil

(4) Explanation on amortized amount of contract performance cost in current period: nil

10. Contract assets: nil

11. Assets held for sale: nil

12. Non-current assets maturing within one year: nil

13. Other current assets

                                                                                                                       In RMB

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                          2021    文全告报度年半年
                    Item                         Ending balance                            Beginning balance

 VAT input tax to be deducted                                    1,674,996.28                               2,219,513.16

 Prepaid enterprise income tax                                   1,702,702.80                               1,702,702.80

 Prepaid individual income tax                                                                                  2,517.22

 Prepayments                                                       69,292.46                                   52,719.06

 Total                                                           3,446,991.54                               3,977,452.24

Other description: nil

14. Creditors investment: nil

15. Other creditors investment: nil

16. Long-term account receivable

17. Long-term equity investment: nil

18. Investment in other equity instrument: nil

19. Other non-current financial assets: nil

20. Investment properties

(1) Investment properties measured at cost

√Applicable □ Not applicable
                                                                                                                     In RMB

                                               Buildings and                        Construction in
                          Item                                    Land use rights                            Total
                                               constructions                           process

 I. Original book value

      1.Beginning balance                        18,856,504.44      5,662,740.59                           24,519,245.03

      2.Current increase


      (2)Transfer from inventories/fixed
 assets/construction in progress

      (3)Increase from business combinations

      3.Current decrease


      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                              2021   文全告报度年半年
      (2)Other transfer-out

      4.Ending balance                          18,856,504.44   5,662,740.59                  24,519,245.03

 II. Accumulated depreciation and accumulated

      1.Beginning balance                       11,443,950.66   2,332,406.45                  13,776,357.11

      2.Current increase                          209,091.78          28,170.00                 237,261.78

      (1)Provision or amortization                209,091.78          28,170.00                 237,261.78

      3.Current decrease


      (2)Other transfer-out

      4.Ending balance                          11,653,042.44   2,360,576.45                  14,013,618.89

 III. Provision for impairment

      1.Beginning balance                        1,404,400.47   1,903,054.14                   3,307,454.61

      2.Current increase

      (1) Provision

      3. Current decrease


      (2)Other transfer-out

      4.Ending balance                           1,404,400.47   1,903,054.14                   3,307,454.61

 IV. Book value

      1.Ending book value                        5,799,061.53   1,399,110.00                   7,198,171.53

      2.Opening book value                       6,008,153.31   1,427,280.00                   7,435,433.31

(2) Investment real estate measured by fair value

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

(3) Investment real estate without property certification held: nil

21. Fixed assets

                                                                                                     In RMB

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
                              Item                                     Ending balance                     Beginning balance

                                                                                     32,957,434.73                     34,694,023.75
 Fixed assets
 Total                                                                               32,957,434.73                     34,694,023.75

(1) Fixed assets

                                                                                                                              In RMB

                                     Houses and      Mechanical      Transportatio       Electronic      Other
            Item                                                                                                           Total
                                      buildings      equipment       n equipment         equipment     equipment
I. Original book value   :
  1.Beginning balance            136,789,501.82                      1,742,065.57       1,823,519.07   4,070,039.35    154,672,184.11

  2.Current increase                                                                       81,077.89     21,492.18         102,570.07

     (1) Purchase                                                                          81,077.89     21,492.18         102,570.07

     (2)Transfer from
construction in progress

     (3)Increase from
business combinations

  3.Current decrease

     (1)Disposal or

  4.Ending balance               136,789,501.82                      1,742,065.57       1,904,596.96   4,091,531.53    154,774,754.18

II. Accumulated

  1.Beginning balance                76,850,214.26   7,490,603.22    1,253,748.18         700,804.72   1,044,848.02     87,340,218.40

  2.Current increase                  1,087,717.44    181,084.50          44,478.60       162,057.39    363,821.16       1,839,159.09

     (1) Provision                    1,087,717.44    181,084.50          44,478.60       162,057.39    363,821.16       1,839,159.09

  3.Current decrease

     (1)Disposal or

  4.Ending balance                   77,937,931.70   7,671,687.72    1,298,226.78         862,862.11   1,408,669.18     89,179,377.49

III. Provision for

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                              2021   文全告报度年半年

  1.Beginning balance             31,072,788.17   1,565,153.79                                                 32,637,941.96

  2.Current increase

     (1) Provision

  3.Current decrease

     (1)Disposal or

  4.Ending balance                31,072,788.17   1,565,153.79                                                 32,637,941.96

IV. Book value

  1.Ending book value             27,778,781.95   1,010,216.79    443,838.79   1,041,734.85   2,682,862.35     32,957,434.73

  2.Opening book value            28,866,499.39   1,191,301.29    488,317.39   1,122,714.35   3,025,191.33     34,694,023.75

(2) Temporarily idle fixed assets: nil

(3) Fixed assets acquired by operating lease: nil

(4) Certificate of title un-completed: nil

(5) Disposal of fixed assets: nil

22. Construction in process

(1) Construction in process: nil

(2) Change of important projects under construction in the period: nil

(3) Provision for impairment of construction in progress in the period: nil

(4) Engineering material: nil

23. Productive biological asset

(1) Measured by cost

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

(2) Measured by fair value

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                            2021   文全告报度年半年
24. Oil and gas assets

□ Applicable √ Not applicable

25. Right-of-use assets: nil

26. Intangible assets

(1) Intangible assets

                                                                                                     In RMB

                                     Land use       Patent        Non-patents
                Item                                                                         Total
                                       rights       right         technology

 I. Original book value

      1.Beginning balance           81,653,137.15                                          81,653,137.15

      2.Current increase

         (1) Purchase

         (2)Internal research and

         (3)Increase from
 business combinations

    3.Current decrease


      4.Ending balance              81,653,137.15                                          81,653,137.15

 II. Accumulated amortization

      1.Beginning balance           33,631,825.59                                          33,631,825.59

      2.Current increase              406,193.58                                              406,193.58

         (1) Provision                406,193.58                                              406,193.58

      3.Current decrease


      4.Ending balance              34,038,019.17                                          34,038,019.17

 III. Provision for impairment

      1.Beginning balance           27,440,836.84                                          27,440,836.84

     司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                   2021   文全告报度年半年
      2.Current increase

           (1) Provision

      3.Current decrease


      4.Ending balance           27,440,836.84                                                                   27,440,836.84

 IV. Book value

      1.Ending book value        20,174,281.14                                                                   20,174,281.14

      2.Opening book value       20,580,474.72                                                                   20,580,474.72

(2) Land use rights without certificate of ownership: nil

27. Development expenditure: nil

28. Goodwill: nil

29. Long-term deferred expenses

                                                                                                                         In RMB

                              Beginning          Increase in         Amortization in   Amount of other
               Item                                                                                            Ending balance
                               balance             period                period           decreases

 B building guest room
                             14,149,911.76        -436,906.54           1,423,928.40                             12,289,076.82
 renovation project

 Building A Fire Stair
                                11,423.92                                   8,567.82                                  2,856.10
 Renovation Project

 C building guest room,
                              1,054,763.10                               301,360.80                                 753,402.30
 villa, swimming pool
 renovation project

                              7,160,831.38                               934,021.50                               6,226,809.88
 Villa reconstruction

 Building A renovation
                               345,134.02                                  45,017.46                                300,116.56

 Floor waterproofing           296,073.35                                  37,009.20                                259,064.15
 renovation project

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                              2021   文全告报度年半年
 Staff dormitory renovation
                                  526,177.78                       65,772.24                    460,405.54

                                 1,413,387.42                     151,434.36                  1,261,953.06
 Landscape greening project
 Villa renovation project                        82,916.55          6,909.68                        76,006.87

 Total                          24,957,702.73   -353,989.99     2,974,021.46                 21,629,691.28

Other description: nil

30. Deferred income tax assets and deferred income tax liabilities: nil

31. Other non-current assets: nil

32. Short-term loans: nil

33. Trading financial liability: nil

34. Derivative financial liability: nil

35. Notes payable: nil

36. Accounts payable

(1) Presentation of accounts payable

                                                                                                       In RMB

                         Item                          Ending balance          Beginning balance

                                                                  783,286.87                       586,111.30
 Payment for purchase

                                                                  124,838.48                        72,669.88
 Accounts payable provisionally estimated

                                                                   96,314.30                       134,562.18
 Service charges

                                                                   14,274.10                        14,274.10
 Payment for projects

                                                                    1,093.00                         1,093.00
 Consignment sales
 Total                                                          1,019,806.75                       808,710.46

(2) Significant accounts payable with aging over one year: nil

37. Advance from customers: nil

38. Contractual liability

                                                                                                       In RMB

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
                    Item                                 Ending balance                             Beginning balance

 Room and meal fees                                                        875,822.38                                    626,285.33

 Total                                                                     875,822.38                                    626,285.33

Amount and reasons for significant changes in book value during the reporting period: Nil

39. Employee compensation payable

(1) Presentation of employee compensation payable

                                                                                                                              In RMB

                 Item                                    Increase in Period       Decrease in Period              Ending balance

 I. Short-term compensation            2,595,861.40             5,412,829.05                5,550,647.47                2,458,042.98

 II. Post-employment benefits -
                                                                  506,732.61                 506,732.61
 defined contribution plans

 Total                                 2,595,861.40             5,919,561.66                6,057,380.08                2,458,042.98

(2) Presentation of short-term compensation

                                                                                                                              In RMB

                  Item                                   Increase in Period       Decrease in Period              Ending balance

 1. Salaries, bonuses, allowances
                                        1,378,009.71            4,349,794.53                4,507,834.87                1,219,969.37
 and subsidies

                                                                  613,909.60                 613,909.60
 2. Employee welfare expenses

                                                                  265,648.95                 265,648.95
 3. Social insurance premiums

 Including: medical insurance
                                                                  261,044.24                 261,044.24

 Work-related injury insurance
                                                                      4,604.71                  4,604.71

                                                                   99,126.00                  99,126.00
 4. Housing provident funds

 5. Labor union expenditures and
                                        1,217,851.69               84,349.97                  64,128.05                 1,238,073.61
 employee education funds

 Total                                  2,595,861.40            5,412,829.05                5,550,647.47                2,458,042.98

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                             2021   文全告报度年半年
(3) Presentation of defined contribution plans

                                                                                                                    In RMB

           Item             Beginning balance   Increase in Period         Decrease in Period           Ending balance
 1.Basic endowment
                                                         491,376.02                 491,376.02
 insurance premiums

                                                          15,356.59                  15,356.59
 insurance premiums

 Total                                                   506,732.61                 506,732.61

Other notes: nil

40. Taxes payable

                                                                                                                    In RMB

                   Item                          Ending balance                            Beginning balance
 Consumption tax                                                     135,982.62                                146,530.24

 Urban maintenance and construction tax                                 920.12                                     738.33

 Individual income tax                                                57,506.87                                 44,362.22

 Housing property tax                                                115,125.07                                120,439.32

 Land use tax                                                         54,295.47                                 54,295.47

 Educational surtax                                                     395.71                                     316.43

 Local education surtax                                                 263.79                                     210.95

 Total                                                               364,489.65                                366,892.96

Other notes: nil

41. Other payable

                                                                                                                    In RMB

                   Item                          Ending balance                            Beginning balance
 Other payable                                                  3,027,832.98                                  6,167,763.36

 Total                                                          3,027,832.98                                  6,167,763.36

(1) Interest payable: nil

(2) Dividend payable: nil

1) Presentation of other payable by nature

                                                                                                                    In RMB

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                  2021   文全告报度年半年
                    Item                                 Ending balance                            Beginning balance

                                                                       1,455,676.92                                4,433,900.06
 Engineering and quality retention money
 Staff dormitory rental fees, etc.                                                                                 1,013,939.39

 Margin                                                                   609,107.57                                   295,089.81

                                                                           39,807.45                                   142,856.24
 On behalf of collection or payment

                                                                           87,820.00                                    87,820.00
 Employee deposits
 Announcement fee                                                         411,550.00                                   171,550.00

 Other                                                                    423,871.04                                    22,607.86

 Total                                                                 3,027,832.98                                6,167,763.36

2) Other significant payable with aging over one year: nil

42. Liability held for sale: nil

43. Non-current liability due within one year

                                                                                                                           In RMB

                                     Item                                  Ending balance               Beginning balance

 Long-term borrowing due within one year - principal

                                                                                       11,508.13                        23,020.42
 Long-term borrowing due within one year – accrual interest payable
 Total                                                                                 11,508.13                   6,621,497.94

Other notes: nil

44. Other current liability

                                                                                                                           In RMB

                    Item                                 Ending balance                            Beginning balance

                                                                           52,549.34                                    37,577.12
 Tax to be exported
 Total                                                                     52,549.34                                    37,577.12

Changes in short-term bonds payable: nil

45. Long-term loans: nil

(1) Long-term loan classification

                                                                                                                           In RMB

                    Item                                 Ending balance                            Beginning balance

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                         2021   文全告报度年半年
 Mortgage loan                                                               9,893,757.94                                     9,893,757.94

 Total                                                                       9,893,757.94                                     9,893,757.94

Explanation of long-term loan classification:
Note: The mortgage loan of 9,893,757.94 yuan is the loan of the Company from the Haikou Branch of Industrial Bank Co., Ltd., the
term of which is from April 23, 2020 to April 9, 2023, and the mortgage guarantee is made on the property with the total area of
1,446.00 square meters under the Company's name and the assessed value of 39,263,245.00 yuan (see Note 5.7 for details).

Other instructions, including interest rate range: nil

46. Bond payable

(1) Bond payable: Nil

(2) Increase or decrease in bonds payable (excluding preferred stocks, perpetual bonds and other financial
instruments classified as financial liabilities): nil

(3) Description of the conversion conditions and time of convertible corporate bonds: nil

(4) Description of other financial instruments classified as financial liabilities: nil

47. Lease liability: nil

48. Long-term account payable

(1) According to the nature: nil

(2) Special accounts payable: nil

49. Long-term employee payable

(1) Employee salary table of long-term payable: nil

(2) Changes in defined benefit plans: Nil

50. Estimated liabilities

                                                                                                                                    In RMB

                      Item                               Ending balance        Beginning balance                     Reasons

                                                                                                         Make provisions for
 Provisions for arrears of electricity tariffs                1,489,685.04             1,489,685.04
                                                                                                         electricity bills

 Total                                                        1,489,685.04             1,489,685.04                      --

Other description: including important assumptions and estimation for the major accrual liability: nil

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                        2021   文全告报度年半年
51. Deferred income: nil

52. Other non-current liability

                                                                                                                               In RMB

                    Item                                   Ending balance                            Beginning balance

                                                                           1,914,592.66                                  1,914,592.66
 Projects paid over one year
 Total                                                                     1,914,592.66                                  1,914,592.66

Other notes: nil

53. Share capital

                                                                                                                               In RMB

                                            Changes in the period ("+" for increase and "-" for decrease)

                     Beginning         Issuance                        Conversion
                                                       Share                                                          Ending balance
                                       of new                          of reserves        Others      Sub-total
                                        shares                         into share
 Total shares      364,100,000.00                                                                                      364,100,000.00

Other notes: nil

54. Other equity instrument

(1) Basic information of other financial instruments such as preferred stocks and perpetual bonds issued at
the end of the period: nil

(2) Changes in financial instruments such as preferred stocks and perpetual bonds issued at the end of the
period: nil

55. Capital reserves

                                                                                                                               In RMB

           Item                 Beginning balance         Increase in Period         Decrease in Period            Ending balance
 Capital premium
                                      33,336,215.58                                                                     33,336,215.58
 (equity premium)
 Other capital reserves               20,806,634.43                                                                     20,806,634.43

 Total                                54,142,850.01                                                                     54,142,850.01

Other description, including changes in the period and reasons: nil

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                       2021   文全告报度年半年
56. Treasury stock: nil

57. Other consolidated income: nil

58. Reasonable reserve: nil

59. Surplus reserves: nil

60. Undistributed profit

                                                                                                                                In RMB

                                           Item                                                 The period              Last period
 Undistributed profit as at the end of the previous period before adjustment                   -351,324,135.02       -339,756,246.05

 Undistributed profit as at the beginning of the period after adjustment                       -351,324,135.02       -339,756,246.05

 Plus: net profit attributable to owners of the parent company in the current period               1,452,925.92         -6,631,450.42

 Undistributed profit as at the end of the period                                              -349,871,209.10       -346,387,696.47

Details about adjusting the retained profits at the beginning of the period:
1) The retroactive adjustments to Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises and its relevant new regulations affect the retained
profits at the beginning of the period amounting to 0 Yuan.
2) The changes in accounting policies affect the retained profits at the beginning of the period amounting to 0 Yuan.
3) The major accounting error correction affects the retained profits at the beginning of the period amounting to 0 Yuan
4) Merge scope changes caused by the same control affect the retained profits at the beginning of the period amounting to 0 Yuan.
5) Other adjustments affect the retained profits at the beginning of the period amounting to 0 Yuan

61. Operating revenue and operating cost

                                                                                                                                In RMB

                                                  The period                                          Last period
                                    Revenue                       Cost                   Revenue                        Cost

                                      15,175,697.66                8,087,149.94             4,089,491.05                 4,815,416.65
 Primary business

                                       3,904,081.75                1,972,936.47               892,380.95                   237,261.78
 Other business

 Total                                19,079,779.41               10,060,086.41             4,981,872.00                 5,052,678.43

                                                                                                                                In RMB

         Contract type                  1# Division             2# Division                                             Total

 Product type                             19,079,779.41                                                                 19,079,779.41


 Room revenue                             12,893,253.55                                                                 12,893,253.55

      司公限有份股心中游旅海东大南海                                                                     2021   文全告报度年半年
 Catering income                          2,282,444.11                                                                  2,282,444.11

 Other income                             3,904,081.75                                                                  3,904,081.75

 Classified by business area             19,079,779.41                                                                 19,079,779.41


 Hainan area                             19,079,779.41                                                                 19,079,779.41






Information relating to performance obligation: nil
Information relating to the transaction price assigned to the remaining performance obligation:
The amount of revenue corresponding to performance obligation that have been signed but have not been fulfilled or have not been
fulfilled at the end of the period was 0.00 Yuan, including 0.00 Yuan is expected to be recognized as revenue in subsequent years,
0.00 Yuan is expected to be recognized as revenue in subsequent years, 0.00 Yuan is expected to be recognized as revenue in
subsequent years.
Other explanation: nil

62. Taxes and surcharges

                                                                                                                              In RMB

                     Item                                    The period                                  Last period
 Urban construction tax                                                       5,473.64                                      8,585.55

 Educational surtax                                                           2,345.84